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  1. Any tips for a married couple with 2 cats looking to rent a house? I'll be starting grad school at Purdue in the fall (August 2018) and the hubby will be working full-time, so we'll have my stipend plus his income. We are from a small town so we want to live in a quiet, safe area and wouldn't mind a short drive (~15 minutes).
  2. Bioanth/Bioarchaeology: Purdue, UNReno, UNLV, Ohio State, Oklahoma.
  3. Bioanth/bioarchaeology here. I had phone interviews with POIs at Purdue on 1/5 and 1/8. I received an acceptance and funding offer 1/26. Haven't heard back from any other schools yet (Ohio State, Oklahoma, UNLV, UNReno).
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