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  1. MICA M.A or Pratt M.F.A? Any suggestions anyone?
  2. Padfoot

    Aalto Arts MA

    Hello! Anyone knows what kind of interviews does Aalto Arts take? I have an interview for the Visual communication track coming up.
  3. Hello everyone! I have an interview with Aalto Arts for visual communication design coming up. Any advice/experience anyone? Secondly, I got an acceptance from MICA but the MA program (graphic design) that is a one year program. Anyone knows how different it’ll be from the two year MFA and whether it’ll be a good idea to go ahead with it? I also have an acceptance from Pratt for an MFA- Graphic design. So quite a confusing choice to make. Any insights anyone?
  4. I've applied for the 2 year GD. Any news anyone?
  5. Oh thanks. Rejection it must be then, for me too. Damn.
  6. Hey! Even I received acceptance from Pratt today. They did not interview. Are the RISD GD interview invites already out? Anyone knows?
  7. Nope, not yet! The website doesn't even show a timeline as to when we could hear back.
  8. Hi! Congrats to everyone who got interview calls! Everyone else, hold on, I'm sure calls are on their way Any advice for interview with MICA for Graphic Design? I've applied for the first time and this is going to be my first interview. Any tips will help, thanks!
  9. Padfoot

    Yale MFA 2018

    In that case, all the best everyone! Also, just to confirm, do we check our mailboxes or the application pages?
  10. Wow that’s great! All the best! do these periods depend on when you applied? I finished applying 10 days ago around the 20th. Around what time did you apply? Just tryig to figure their timeline.
  11. Padfoot

    Yale MFA 2018

    Good luck to you too! Any progress today anyone?
  12. Hey! I've also applied to the MICA MFA. Haven't heard from them yet. Is that a rejection? Will schools be sending out rejection emails as well?
  13. Anyone applied for the RCA MFA? If yes, any news anyone?
  14. Padfoot

    Yale MFA 2018

    Hi! I’ve only just discovered this forum. I’ve applied for Graphic Design at Yale. Anyone else who has applied for Graphic? So reviews are expected to be out in a few days is it?
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