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  1. Will be declining assistantships at NIU and UW-Milwaukee shortly. Hopefully that helps some MA students
  2. At this point, if a school has already sent out a bunch of rejections, does not hearing anything mean I still have a chance?
  3. Do you have a “I want to have it narrowed down by X” date or are you thinking you’ll keep them all in play until April 15?
  4. Congrats, will Brandeis play a role in your decision or have you made up your mind to go somewhere else? Seems like you’re having a strong cycle on MA apps.
  5. Sounds good! I didn’t really know if it’s recommended to ask or not, but seeing that you have other great options I understand wanting to know
  6. Well that’s great that you’re fully funded at your top choice! I am also still waiting for word on funding at NIU.
  7. How important is ‘fit’ for an MA program? Almost every factor except fit is pulling me toward NIU, but my AOIs are right in GSU’s wheelhouse.
  8. Are Tufts and Oxford still ahead if NIU for you? (Shamelessly trying to find out if I’ll get offered an assistantship at NIU)
  9. Political, Legal, Normative Ethics, and Metaethics. “Liberal” may be misused in American politics. However, the philosophical sense is still much broader than classical economic liberalism, e.g. Kant and Rawls are definitely liberals but not in the sense you mean.
  10. I wonder if they’ve given out the award for the Scholar in Political and Legal Philosophy yet. Since I already received my funding offer, I doubt I’ll be receiving it unless I’m possibly on the waitlist.
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