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  1. Update: Got my first rejection letter from my top choice, USC, on my birthday. Happy 30th to me. It was hard. I still have to hear back from three schools, but I'm lowkey considering my other options. It has been a very draining process, my second go-around in terms of applying to school. Feeling very tired of being tired. Thanks for all the well wishes, and words of encouragement guys.
  2. Hello: I'm usually a silent reader, but I've found that discover gradcafe has helped immensely with the anxiety of waiting to hear back from schools. I applied to Rutgers, NYU, Columbia, and USC. I want to get my PhD in Social Welfare and my research interest is Intimate Partner Violence and homelessness as it pertains to women of color. I have never worked this hard in my life for anything, truly I have invested years in this work, and it is only in the past two years that I've realized how much more impactful I could be to serving this community by investing in research that could potentially change how we are addressing trauma in shelter settings, and looking at more holistic ways of healing in order to fully address the impact of IPV. It's literally the only thing I think about. Anyways, I'm babbling. I'm supposed to hear back from USC in the next few days. It has been extremely difficult being patient and waiting, and my friends are definitely tired of hearing me talk about this. Thanks for giving me space.
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