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  1. Do you think if they (Tri-I, Harvard, and Yale) have sent out all the invitations?
  2. Has anyone heard back from any of: Stanford BMI, Tri-i CBB, Yale BBS-CBB, or Harvard SysBio? Seems like only few people posted their interview invitations so I was wondering whether they have already sent out all the invitations or their will be another round?
  3. Hello everyone, nice to meet you guys here.I am an international student and I plan to pursue my master's degree in U.S. Currently I have got the admission from Yale, NWU, Boston, JHU and Columbia. It's really a tough decision to choose one of them and decline all others.Could you guys give me some advice and help me to make a decision? I know JHU is definitely the best in BME field. But I believe Yale and Columbia are more well-known. I plan to find a job after graduation, so I think maybe Yale and Columbia are more suitable for me.Thank you for your kindness!
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