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  1. Did rejections for all Chicago subfields go out? Have acceptances already been sent out for Chicago? Wondering what it means if I haven't received either...
  2. For those admitted to Notre Dame, what's your subfield?
  3. Any notifications from Cornell or Norte Dame theory?
  4. Not sure, but I called today and you'll find out either way by the end of this week.
  5. Anyone in theory waiting to hear back from Harvard and Chicago?
  6. That's fantastic! Even a waitlist is a feat; you should be proud. Did you get an email update today to check your portal?
  7. What's the verdict? Which subfield?
  8. Can anyone corroborate this?
  9. Harvard, Yale, and Chicago later this week?
  10. That's right! How do you know that?
  11. I actually didn't apply to any Political Science PhD programs, but my friend did and I'm trying to stay in the loop on this thread on his behalf. He applied to Princeton, Harvard, Cornell, Notre Dame, Brown, and Yale on the theory track and apparently hasn't heard from anywhere yet. Does that sound about right?
  12. Anyone hear back from Princeton, specifically the theory track?
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