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  1. Lalamelon

    MPH Canada 2018

    Guelph finally sent their official offer and updated portal. I was sent an email to my main account as well as Guelph’s that a decision was made and to check webadvisor. I’ve got till April 27 to decide. i won’t be accepting the offer so hopefully someone else who is waiting will be hearing good news soon ☺️ Best of luck everyone!!
  2. Lalamelon

    MPH Canada 2018

    So it’s been two weeks since I was accepted to Guelph but still no official offer even though they said within a week ?. Since then nothing on portal changed and no email in my Guelph email account either. Anybody else in the same situation? Also, my Waterloo MPH status still the same: no decision has been made For those who accepted their U of T offers, did anything on SGS portal change?
  3. Lalamelon

    MPH Canada 2018

    Thank you I think i would be considered a mature student as I graduated a few years ago. I have a medical degree with a B average overall and in final year. I have many years of varied experience within health, both clinical and public health, and including report writing and editing. i personally think what made a big difference is that i took a statistics course (didn’t have it in undergrad) and got an A. my GRE was average i would say, with quantitative on lower side. i also had to take an English proficiency exam which i did well on as well. on my personal statement i made an effort, and really explained my stand on health and my understanding of it and how my experiences shaped that. hope this helps?
  4. Lalamelon

    MPH Canada 2018

    I was accepted to Guelph MPH via email on Thursday. i also applied to waterloo MPH and still haven’t heard back. I’ve accepted U of T’s offer though. It was my first choice. Congrats to everyone who got accepted so far and best of luck to everyone. It’s not over still!
  5. Lalamelon

    MPH Canada 2018

    I’ve also received an offer to U of T MPH epidemiology!! Given how early these offers are, i would assume another round of admissions will go out in April. best of luck to everyone!
  6. Lalamelon

    MPH Canada 2018

    Congrats to everyone who got acceptances so far! Hoping the other U of T MPH programs follow suit soon!! any word on MPH at waterloo and Guelph yet?
  7. Lalamelon

    MPH Canada 2018

    I am however a canadian citizen. I also graduated a long time ago! not sure what to make of this! since you’re in the program, what kind of questions do you think they’ll ask?
  8. Lalamelon

    MPH Canada 2018

    Thanks! the fact that it’s uncommon and only done when necessary (according to website) is what’s making me nervous! Feels like I’m about to get interrogated! And that they used if program is good fit for me doesn’t sit well either!
  9. Lalamelon

    MPH Canada 2018

    Hi hoping someone may be in the same boat or has a similar experience i received an invitation to a telephone interview from U of T epidemiology im unsure if this common practice or what to expect. They’ve stated the purpose of the interview is to “make sure program is good fit for you” Any thoughts or advice?

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