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  1. I got onto the Western waitlist (still in the 1st quad waiting) with a 3.61 sGPA. From what I understand Western generally focuses more on experience over GPA where as UofT is the opposite
  2. Janet responded saying the class is now full. They occasionally get cancellations so the waitlist will remain open all summer
  3. I sent an email to Janet asking if there is still movement on the Western waitlist or if the class has filled quicker than normal this year. Will update you all if she responds!
  4. Hi everyone!! Just a reminder that over the last couple years there has been movement in waitlists till June (sometimes even later). It has only been a couple days so far for waitlist offers so dont get discouraged yet! Most schools only contacts a few people at a time and give them 24 hours to respond before moving onto the next people on the waitlist (sometimes only one person at a time). Also some schools are working through their SLP and AUD waitlists at the same time which does slow it down as well!
  5. Yea Rogers and Fido cell service is down https://www.ctvnews.ca/business/rogers-fido-wireless-customers-affected-by-countrywide-outage-1.5393082
  6. Hope everyone is enjoying the irony that the first day to receive waitlist calls from schools there is a Canada wide cellphone service outage 😂
  7. For waitlist offers I believe they email/call individually so I am guessing they wont start contacting people till Monday. Last year the deadline (15th) fell on a Wednesday so they started contacting people off the waitlist the day after on the 16th, but this year since the deadline is on a Friday I'm guessing they wont start contacting people till the 18th
  8. From what I understand you have full time placements during the summer with no classes. There are also part time 'placements' at the speech and hearing clinic that is on-site at the school that you have at the same time as the course work. I put placements in quotations because the school has called it mentored practicum and it is still technically a course during the semester with an instructor and a hands-on classroom style. This is just what I got from the website but anyone please correct me if 'm wrong!
  9. For anyone anxiously waiting to hear back from the Western waitlist and cannot handle it like me 😂 So far I have counted at least 7 people who are rejecting their acceptance and at least 9 people who will be declining a waitlist offer if they get one. Still not sure how many people are on the waitlist (I saw someone said 100 and someone else said 52?)
  10. Heyy!! I know how it feels as I was rejected everywhere my first year applying as well (and never got off the waitlist the second time either). I would say the biggest piece of advice I got was to work on your application as a whole rather than focusing on the number of volunteer hours or only your GPA. Make sure your references are super strong, so keep in touch with your profs! Also work on your letter of intent, ask lots of people to read it over for you. This year I messaged 4 friends I knew who were either in the program or graduated from the program for their advice on what to include in
  11. Thank you!! I am keeping my fingers crossed ahaaa I was confused as to what part of my application I could work on this time around because last year I showed an increase in subGPA and more related volunteer hours. This year I really tried to work on my letter of intent and was hoping the direct knowledge from the CDA program would help. I think maybe I was underestimating how important the references are, I think I could have worked on having stronger references who had first hand experience of how I worked and my goals/ambitions. I know it's hard with the academic references because I
  12. Its my third time applying this year and I am currently in the CDA program at St Lawrence so I told myself this is going to be the last time I try applying so I can focus on being a CDA if I don't get in. After getting rejected from UofT and getting the waitlist email from Western last week I basically gave up on the SLP program but I am feeling more hopeful today as I got an email back from Janet letting me know I am in the 1st quadrant of the waitlist! For anyone interested in my stats I have a 3.61 subGPA, over 400 volunteer hours supervised by an SLP (about 3 years of volunteering), a
  13. I think the second section they are talking about is the list of volunteer experiences that you put separately in ORPAS. Its part of your personal submission but is separate from the actual letter.
  14. Yea for sure! The program is very focused on teaching hands-on intervention strategies and less theory which I am really enjoying (especially coming from a university program where we were only learning theory)! The content is also very focused on children intervention strategies because most CDAs end up working with children, there are very very limited opportunities for CDAs to work with adults. This year is a little different as its all online because the program is so hand-on so I feel like we are missing out on lot. But the instructors are amazing and super helpful (I go to SLC) and I am
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