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  1. bumblybee

    HKS 2018

    Congrats to everyone! None for me, so it looks like I’m off to Wagner!
  2. bumblybee

    HKS 2018

    I feel like we should start checking the horoscopes at this point. I guess the application was born in August?
  3. bumblybee

    HKS 2018

    Maybe Matt’s the troll who keeps posting in the results list. ?
  4. bumblybee

    HKS 2018

    Gotta have results for that!
  5. bumblybee

    HKS 2018

    I feel like someone is fucking with us lol.
  6. bumblybee

    HKS 2018

    I promise, there’s some poor junior staff who will do it. I’m supposed to be literally doing the same thing right now instead of being on Harvard watch. ??
  7. bumblybee

    HKS 2018

    ??? Who knew those high school social justice rants would prepare me to be rejected by Harvard!
  8. bumblybee

    HKS 2018

    Hah, I had a stress dream the day before Wagner came out; I had to complete fear factor esque challenges in a limited time or I wouldn’t get to see whether I’d been admitted.
  9. bumblybee

    Michigan Ford 2018

    Did you guys get a separate email about funding? I haven’t seen anything come through yet.
  10. bumblybee

    Michigan Ford 2018

    The giant question mark in the video cracked me up. ???
  11. bumblybee

    Emory FinAid?

    Hey guys--has anyone heard back from Rollins about financial aid for the masters programs? They said it would be out early March; I haven't seen anything come through.
  12. bumblybee

    HKS 2018

    I got one too finally! The latest blog post says they do backend updates that have no bearing on admissions, so I’m not reading too much into it.
  13. bumblybee

    NYU Wagner 2018

    I got 30% tuition; I'm super grateful but NYU still seems prohibitively expensive. :/

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