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    elviejo reacted to eigenname in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    Just got into CUNY GC from a wait-list I didn't know I was on until 2 days ago. I was all ready to accept UCSD...
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    elviejo reacted to Halcyon23 in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    Here's the basic structure of mine (given how late it is in the season you may need to modify it to reflect that aspect):
    "Dear Professor [Name],
    I'm an applicant for the philosophy phd program at [university] and I have not received information regarding my current status. At the risk of being too forward or seeming over-eager I was reaching out to you to see if I can learn about my current status. Provided that there is no information you can give out at this time, do you have an estimate on when information will be sent out? I look forward to hearing back from you. 
    [My real name]"
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    elviejo reacted to PhiloStorian in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    I've been sending solicitations with roughly this format and almost always gotten replies.
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    elviejo reacted to seabiscuit87 in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    Given that successful applicants are required to make their decisions by April 15th, can those only waitlisted, including me, expect to be accepted after the day? How often are those on waitlists accepted after April 15th?
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    elviejo reacted to Fregeskind in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    Anyone planning to wait till April 15th like me?
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    elviejo reacted to quinessloopypun in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    Accepted to Johns Hopkins off the waitlist.
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    elviejo reacted to Stencil in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    Just thought I would follow up on this: My application status hasn't changed on their portal either. I emailed the graduate program coordinator and was told that they have contacted everyone who has been accepted or waitlisted. Strangely enough, she didn't say anything about whether they've sent out any rejections yet, although I haven't seen anyone report an official rejections so far. She told me that I am "not among those being admitted or on the wait list at this time", and that "things could still change in the next couple of weeks, but for now we cannot admit you". I am taking this as an implicit rejection, since it seems like they leave a lot of people in limbo between official waitlist and official rejection each year, and as far as I can tell they haven't issued any proper rejections this year. I just wish that they would actually tell those who weren't officially accepted or officially waitlisted that they were rejected, since it seems inconsiderate to needlessly keep people in the dark for so long.
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    elviejo reacted to MishaPanda in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    Dear All,
    Yesterday I received a response from my solicitation to Prof Sensen at Tulane. I have not been accepted there, which means that I have been shut out this season. I reckon I should have cast my net a bit wider, as I only applied to six programmes, but I am at a point at which I have accepted the fact that I am meant to be doing philosophy in other ways. For now, at least. 
    I have really enjoyed your comradeship and company over the last several months. It would have been far difficult to survive this trying time without y'all. Best of luck to all beginning their PhD journeys this autumn, and bon courage to those whose lives will, like mine, take them on other paths for the time being. It's been a pleasure serving with all of you. Much love!
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    elviejo got a reaction from Stencil in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    I solicited a status update, is that the same thing? I was told I am on an informal waitlist.
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    elviejo reacted to RequiredDisplayName in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    Got my rejection from Arizona this afternoon as well. Just UNC and Virginia left to hear back from for me. 
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    elviejo reacted to machineghost in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    Sorry to hear that. I have not yet heard anything from them. Perhaps they are just going through them one by one. I know better than to assume that I’m safe just because I haven’t heard anything yet. Sometimes they process rejections slowly. I also haven’t heard from UT-Austin. If history is any guide, they should be sending out rejections soon and then operating on one transparent waitlist and one hidden waitlist. Good times.
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    elviejo reacted to PhiloStorian in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    I almost forgot why I came here. Accepted to Brandeis with a $20k scholarship, TAship, and fellowship nomination.
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    elviejo reacted to Kantattheairport in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    A full-tweed toga is what I hear is in fashion.
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    elviejo reacted to PhiloStorian in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    I've been absent from the site due to a combination of being busy and intentionally avoiding it (I've come to believe this is an unhealthy thing for me to do, at least too frequently). I figured for accuracy's sake and for other people I should share an update on my admissions decisions.
    I've been accepted to VA Tech and SF State, the former with a TAship and the latter with a teaching associateship. I expect I will decline both this week but I'm not 100% sure.
    I've been waitlisted at CU Boulder, University of Virginia, UConn, Michigan State, and University of Houston.
    I was also chosen by UW-Milwaukee to receive the AOP Fellowship; before I had merely been nominated by the department and it wasn't a sure thing.
    I plan to decline/take myself off of waitlists for all but a few of these by the end of the month. I apologize to people who are desperately waiting to hear back from them.
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    elviejo reacted to Needle in the Hay in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    I was accepted on Wednesday, 3/21 to the PhD program at Baylor University, on the heels of the campus visit. I'm very pleased with the funding package. Good luck to all!
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    elviejo reacted to RequiredDisplayName in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    Stanford rejection came in this morning. At this point, I've already begun planning for things not involving graduate school (in Philosophy). Still 3 places to hear back from for me and only a waitlist to my name. 
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    elviejo reacted to incredulous_stare in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    I was just accepted earlier today for Oxford's MSt in Philosophical Theology! Definitely a niche area so I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't anyone else here who applied for this program, but the program regularly places its graduates in top 20 PGR PhD programs so I'm pretty stoked that I was accepted. Probably will accept the offer, given the lack of success in PhD applications this cycle
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    elviejo reacted to Zimmy64 in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    I wish the University of Arizona would hurry up. I'm pretty sure I'm rejected but I'd like to know for sure so I can tell Professor O'Keefe I can commit to GSU. 
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    elviejo reacted to SlumberingTrout in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    If I were counting, which I'm not, and if I were still waiting with breath bated, which I'm not, I would be cognizant of the fact that we have exactly 26 days left to wait until April 15th -- but I'm not.  
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    elviejo got a reaction from kurumetarou in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    I received the same instructions from ASU. I am curious if anyone has actually reached out. What are they going to say? "So as you know, you did not make it. Your GRE and Writing Sample were horrendous, Statement of Purpose mediocre, and Letters of Recommendation were stupendous. Thanks for paying our application fee, your donation to the program is greatly appreciated."?
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    elviejo got a reaction from lyellgeo in 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread   
    Accepted: University of Georgia
    Waitlisted: Georgia State
    Rejected: UW-Madison, University of Michigan, Arizona State (so hard, one sentence email...yikes!), Columbia
    Unknown (probably rejections): Cornell, UT-Austin, Simon Fraser, Arizona, CU-Boulder
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