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  1. Very true. Really is a case-by-case basis, though the offer that is funded will almost always be the more "safe" bet. However, I tend to consider factors involving back-up plans as well. We all know how hard the job market for philosophy is. So part of my thinking was "If I were go to Oxford and eventually pursue a non-academic career, then I would be much better off than if I had gone to a publicly unknown (though good reputation within phil) school for a terminal MA". Additionally, I thought Oxford would leave me better off (though maybe by not that much) with respect to getting a job in philosophy, which I want to maximize my chances for in any way I can (besides doing anything immoral). This is a really interesting discussion though! I know that there may be some who disagree with my decision, even if they had all the information I have.
  2. I've accepted Oxford's offer for their MSt in Philosophical Theology!
  3. I agree as well! I was accepted for a masters program in philosophical theology at Oxford despite getting an A- in the phil theology course I took at my institution (though it was during my sophomore year before I took a significant amount of philosophy courses)
  4. I myself faced a decision between an MSt in phil theology at Oxford and the MA at Northern Illinois. While I think "don't go unless funded" rule is generally a good rule, I believe there are exceptions. For a number of factors I've decided to go for the MSt. DM if you wanna talk more!
  5. Officially declined NIU's offer.
  6. Declined Georgia State and will probably decline NIU within the next week
  7. I see that someone reported a rejection from UVA. Did anyone else hear back from them recently?
  8. I was just accepted earlier today for Oxford's MSt in Philosophical Theology! Definitely a niche area so I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't anyone else here who applied for this program, but the program regularly places its graduates in top 20 PGR PhD programs so I'm pretty stoked that I was accepted. Probably will accept the offer, given the lack of success in PhD applications this cycle
  9. Though rejected for their MPhil, I was accepted for Oxford's MSt in Philosophical Theology. I was torn between which of the two I'd prefer, so it's kind of nice that they ended up making the decision for me. Super stoked. Will probably end up going there!
  10. No worries man haha. This is why written communication is not the best
  11. Solicited responses I received: CUNY: Rejected UVA: "unlikely though far from impossible" that theyd offer me a spot. They don't do a waitlist Amherst: "with any luck you'll know my status by end of the week". Da freak does 'with any luck' mean. Should I expect a rejection? UT Austin: "neither accepted nor waitlisted at this time". Omg just tell me I'm rejected lol UCSB: made some preliminary decisions, still making decisions till early April Arizona: made first offers already, "if waitlisted, you will receive an email within two weeks" Rutgers: Rejected, of course Havent heard back from UNC or Cornell
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