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  1. Hi! Does anyone have any more information on either of these programs? I also have been accepted to both and am trying to decide : ) Plus, it's also important to me to get experience in hospital and school settings.
  2. Same! I only have the email so I didn't know if I was missing something. Congrats on getting in!
  3. Did you get an official acceptance letter from SJSU or have you just gotten the email so far?
  4. I am most likely going to go to the open house. I am also very much interested in their program! I can't imagine making such a big decision without having seen the area, talking to current students and faculty, etc. even though it is so expensive right after the holiday weekend!
  5. I've been accepted to CU Boulder's 3 year SLP program I'm an out of state applicant and don't know much about the area at all. Is anyone who is not from the area planning on going to the open house?
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