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  1. Karlin

    HCI PhD Fall 2019

    Woo congrat!!! I think I am waitlisted by HCDE.. Will email them. Finger crossed... I was accepted to UMSI and rejected by CMU last week. Did interview with GT and UMD and still waiting to hear from them!
  2. I was watching Clockwork Orange when I received offer from UMich Didn't expect the admission at all!
  3. Karlin

    UC's let's gather here -- CS PhD

    Just got UC Davis's offer with full funding, no interview
  4. Karlin

    HCI PhD Fall 2019

    I also got rejected from UW IS! heartbroken... I interviewed with UMSI last week, and no other news so far... Anxious..
  5. Karlin

    HCI PhD Fall 2019

    Hey, same here, CS&IS programs and my research interest is also in social comp/CSCW. Have you got any interviews?
  6. Karlin

    HCI PhD Fall 2019

    Hi! Just want to start a thread for HCI PhD applications this year! Maybe we can discuss about programs/interviews/results and anxieties here? Who also applied for PhD in HCI this year? What is your area of interest? I noticed some people already got interviews for CS PhDs... Maybe the only thing we can do for now is to stop checking mailbox and relax and focus more on our work at hand??
  7. Karlin

    PhD Admissions Fall 2019 Computer science

    Maybe you can start by using http://csrankings.org/ Scan some potential profs and research groups, because I think for PhD study, a suitable supervisor/lab is more important than the school itself Consider their research topics, styles, and maybe talk to their students
  8. My dream program is HCDE or iSchool, maybe not so CS side
  9. Hi zzh, I am also going to apply for HCI PhD this year. Maybe we can have a chat?
  10. Thank you Elephas. I have made some preparations these months, and chatted with several prospective profs from some universities. I think now I am fully aware of the fact that the research direction in Cambridge is not what I want. Especially, my favourite professor will not accept new PhD next year. I am ready to begin my app for 2019 fall... Wish you enjoy your PhD life!
  11. I am a MPhil in Advanced Computer Science student from Cambridge. I got rejected by most US HCI master programs last year, so I went to Cambridge in the end. Since my MPhil course is an one-year program, I am thinking about my next plan, which is to apply for a Ph.D. degree in US. My research interest is in HCI, especially social computing and affective computing. Because currently I am pursuing a MPhil degree in Cambridge, and it is a research-oriented degree, the most natural choice is to see if the MPhil project suits my interest, and then continue Ph.D. study directly in Cambridge after finishing MPhil. But I am a person who enjoys seeking changes, and I want to experience US research and education. I know applying for a Ph.D. degree in top US CS (HCI concentration) programs can be extremely difficult, so I want to be better prepared. My undergraduate major is Industrial Engineering, and I am a little worried about people will have no idea about this major and its connection with HCI. Therefore, I want to make most of my MPhil study to add something to my academic background. However, since most Ph.D. applications' deadlines are in December, by that time I may not have enough research and course outcomes to present in my CV. Besides, I do not know anybody who switched to pursue Ph.D. degree in US after finishing MPhil course in UK. Whether this is a disadvantage if I study in UK, and do not have enough connections with professors and labs in US? Do you have any advice for me regarding my situation? Currently I am trying to strengthen my application regarding SOP, CV, research experience (but probably no paper for this summer) and also refine my portfolio (is portfolio an advantage in HCI PhD application?) University of Washington is my dream school.
  12. Karlin

    One year master's program.

    Same here. I am going to attend my master's program in UK, but will try my best to apply in this fall. I am wondering what is the reason that I got rejected and what I can do to improve this time.
  13. Karlin

    University of Michigan School of Information

    Yeah I applied for HCI track, too. I haven't received any feedback yet. I emailed them twice, but they kept telling me to be patient. Someone in the fb group received this reply 3 days back: // We appreciate your patience as we know you must be anxious to get a decision. This year, we received a marked increase in applications over last year's total, and this has meant longer wait times for decisions, for which we apologize. You should hear back from us within the next week or so. //

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