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  1. One thing I wish I'd had for lit reviews/notes is a "reMarkable" tablet. I'm in my third year now, so the $600 price tag's a little too much for me at this point, but I would seriously consider it were I to start again. The tablet uses E-ink like a kindle and is super nice for marking up papers and saving all of your notes in PDF form. You can then synch them to the cloud and access from a computer. In retrospect, this would have been a HUGE time saver (and I think it would have saved my eyes from reading so many papers on a computer screen) (and I think it would have saved a few tre
  2. Great recommendations! I really love Hardcore History (especially if you like history, per Neist's comment) Also, shameless plug, but my friend and I have a podcast targeted towards grad students/science enthusiasts called Paper Boys We read and discuss the research papers behind popular science in the news, and we also do a "grad student highlight" to help people see who the "researchers" are behind a lot of our science.
  3. Hi all! I'm a current PhD student interested in applying to the Fulbright program (research) next year. Hope you don't mind me eavesdropping to get a sense of what to start preparing. Hoping to go to a French- or German-speaking Switzerland. Several years ago I applied for a Fulbright in Hungary but was not selected. Hoping that additional research and work experience will help! Good luck everyone!
  4. Hi all! I'm a current PhD student interested in applying to the Fulbright program (research) at the end of my grad program (in ~2 years), likely for French or German speaking Switzerland. For current participants, those who have been accepted, or those with application experience...do you have any tips/recommendations for starting to build a strong application? Thanks! It sounds like an awesome program and I look forward to hearing about your experiences -J
  5. Day bow bow.... I hope Pepe Silvia remembered to submit my letter of recommendation!
  6. NDSEG just sent out emails regarding acceptance to the second stage of the review process (1st stage was subject matter experts, 2nd stage is the DoD review panel)
  7. Do you think the NSF would still select us if they saw our belief in Reddit mystics and superstitions? ^^
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