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  1. I have applied to Georgetown’s PhD in Theological & Religious Studies and have not heard a peep either...though others have heard rejections or waitlists so far. Don’t lose hope just yet! I called the Dept yesterday which said decisions were made that day, and I would hear something by Friday this week at the latest. They may just have a lot of complications this season for whatever reason and are very delayed in sending out notices. I encourage you to call your relative Dept as well and be a squeaky wheel.
  2. Waiting to hear back from Georgetown’s Theological & Religious Studies PhD program. Others have been waitlisted or rejected last week, but I’ve gotten nothing so far. No one has said they’ve been accepted, either. I contacted the Theology Dept. and left a voicemail yesterday just inquiring and perhaps there might be a technical issue on my end. They definitely know I’ve applied, as I contacted my POI and another faculty member about my app during & after submission. I’ve heard that some people are waiting from St. Louis in a similar situation. All my other schools have been rejections so far... As this is my first cycle ever applying to PhD programs, is it typical to leave some people hanging with some notified and others not notified at all? Do schools send out second round rejections or waitlists without sending acceptances? It’s driving me bonkers not knowing my status, esp. when others have been rejected or waitlisted. I just don’t know what that means for me; is it good news? Trying not to get my hopes up too much.
  3. I am going batty because I have not heard back from Georgetown in any way. No rejection, waitlist, or letter (theological & religious studies). Same old portal confirmation message every time. As this is my first cycle, I don’t really know what to make of that. Does this mean I’m accepted? Does this mean they will send a second round of rejections or waitlists soon? Do schools even do that? Has anyone else been accepted or heard anything else?
  4. I am going crazy waiting to hear back from them. My area is theological & religious studies. Though some have been rejected or waitlisted, I have gotten nothing. Same old portal.
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