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  1. i would say that if ur lawyer said u dont need to, then don't
  2. lol.. girl don't get me started. i heard them too and they were so true. she's INSANE. a lot of people went and complained though so shes been toning it down lately. i think they are also hiring.
  3. girl, trust me. i think the fact that classes are given at night are kind of an advantage because u get extra studying + sleep time. lol u can also work for a bit if Ure working! Check ur messages! Oh and i didn't go because i had a midterm for audiology that day (undergrad lol). i know someone that went though and they said that it was good!
  4. yesss they do! i can show u what classes we have to take after i get out of speech science lol! im in class right now hahaha and yesss im glad this helped u! i was literally in the same position last year. and i just checked YU's tuition - its apparently 79k total *still more than LIU. last year their website was totally different and all over the place so i think they fixed their errors
  5. hey! i think they clarified their tuition better on their website. they definitely upgraded it because when i was applying last year that is notttt what it said! lol my friend went there for undergrad and said the department chair teaches some classes (or most) and shes very unfair and does not know how to teach apparently hope this helps
  6. hey i am in liu post right now. in my first year! It's great. the professors are really awesome and so nice. the speech science professor is the one that everyone is not a fan of (if you heard about that). don't be nervous at all! I was too and i am so grateful i picked here
  7. hey i am in cohort C right now. it's my first year. it is very chill and relaxed. I would definitely go with B or C. With B, you get to have one semester with just academic classes and then in spring you observe in clinic. For c, it is academic courses for fall and spring then you observe in the clinic during the summer. it's really spaced out so i get to work on the side.
  8. hey! i am in my first year at LIU post right now and I also got into yeshiva. i would DEFINITELY pick post over Yeshiva and I am so glad that I did. First off, YU's tuition..... girl. You are going to be paying that off for the rest of eternity. It's 80k for ONE YEAR whereas LIU would be like 76k for your entire program. Think of how hard paying YU off would be with all the intense interest. Also, I really love my professors at LIU. They truly care about you and want you to do well. It's really chill and not that bad so far (knock on wood) whereas my friends that are in YU, Molloy, Iona, etc.
  9. @aspiringslp35 lol i live in the northeast and just wanna make sure im not gonna be attending this school!
  10. hey! where do you go if you don't mind me asking?
  11. wow!! i am not alone! i am also worrying about this since i am taking chem. i actually have a 3.5 right now and worried that my GPA will drop to a 3.497. A lot of my friends said that this should not happen and for most courses you need at least a C to be okay (even though i'm not okay with a C). This post totally just gave me relief because I totally feel the same way. Me and my friends have absolutely no motivation and i think you're right - it could be because of the apps and gre and everything. Plus graduation is coming! Keep it going though! You will get through it. I see you got some A'
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