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  1. I did the 2nd bach program at ENMU, they are the same classes as leveling so I thought it was best to have something to show for my work upon finishing.
  2. Eastern New Mexico University is ~$300/credit hour and is entirely a distance program (except for your first semester).
  3. ENMU is about $300/ credit hour now for out-of-state.
  4. I began leveling in CDIS after I received my initial Bachelor's in another field. I did that for one semester before applying for a 2nd Bachelor's since the same classes are required either way, might as well have something to show for it in the end. I just graduated in May and will begin the CDIS Graduate Program in August. I thought Neuroscience was the hardest undergrad course I took but I still got all A's taking 16+ credit hours each semester. If you listen to all the lectures and ask questions, that helps. It is helpful to look up rateaprof.com and read reviews before choosing a professor, if you have an opportunity to choose. Mr. Wilkerson and Dr. Swift are the most responsive, in my experience. Mr. Martin, Dr. Hall and Dr. Lingnau are great as well. Weems is tough, but gives extra credit.
  5. I got an email to my personal email that said "Accepted" for the 2018 Fall CDIS Cohort, I imagine they will do the same if you are accepted in off the waitlist. Hoping it works out for you!
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