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  1. I’m still ruminating on this whole thing and I’m pretty bummed. Last week I reached the conclusion that if I don’t get into Chicago, I’m not going to go to school, regardless of other acceptances, so this is kind of a very sudden and definitive thing for me (I’m an older applicant and Chicago had just the right balance of everything I would need, both academically and in terms of lifestyle). I’m sort of relieved to not be stressing about it anymore but also am sad about what might’ve been. Anyway, that’s all I got. And congrats to all of you who received an email!! That sounds like I just tack
  2. This one is my favorite of hers: https://onbeing.org/blog/the-pond-a-poem/ Plus, all of Dog Songs.
  3. Anyone else here a fan of Mary Oliver? I'm devastated to hear she passed away.
  4. I can't offer any advice, but congrats!!! I do agree that 4 days seems like a long time so I'm curious to hear any input others have if this is common or not.
  5. I don't know for sure, but my understanding is that it varies. Sometimes your POI will be on the adcomm, sometimes they won't be, sometimes they'll have pull, sometimes they won't. I think it's different from program to program and year to year.
  6. I don't know of a list but I know a few pages back people were posting schools they know interview. It's not normally on the website - I had no idea some of my programs interviewed until people started mentioning it on here. I wish I'd known so I could've planned better about saving some vacation days just in case I have to interview!
  7. I'm starting to wish I'd applied to UIUC just to have an answer so soon! ?
  8. Worries: I don't think I want to get a PhD anymore because of the financial and lifestyle sacrifices I know I'll have to make going from a cushy job to a very low stipend. I've sort of decided even if I manage to get in somewhere I most likely won't attend (with the exception of my very top choice, which also has a reasonable cost of living). Excitement: My Plan B if I don't go to school is getting me increasingly excited.
  9. I just finished Naomi Novik's Spinning Silver (which I'd never heard of but was recommended by a friend), and loved it!! Such a creative reworking of numerous fairy tales and cultural folklore.
  10. There's an official acceptance from UIUC on the results page!! This is not a drill! Bracing myself for the constant wave of responses to start rolling in this week and next ?
  11. Most PhDs require that you have taken a certain number of credits in that field before you can apply, so unless you've taken a lot of history or anthropology courses as an English major, you might have a hard time finding a program outside of English that would consider you.
  12. Yep I feel this. Trying to jump on the super cheap fares to Australia in several months but I’m like “I don’t know if I’ll need to save all that money for moving to school that month instead...” ?
  13. Ahhh which race are you training for? I'm running the Toronto Marathon in May! I was just thinking this morning what a great outlet training is for my anxiety.
  14. I was just spending time in the history thread and a bunch of them got the same email.
  15. Yeah stipend should ideally cover rent, but in a lot of places it's just not enough. My advisor went to school in Indiana because it was cheaper than a place like Chicago, but she still had to take out loans to afford rent.
  16. I'm super worried about paying for housing in grad school, especially because I have pets so grad housing isn't an option.
  17. I love this idea! Regardless of the outcome, I'll be in Chicago for the marathon next October- such a great city! If I don't get in/get sufficient funding, I'll be moving to San Diego at the end of the summer. Like you, I'm overdue for a move and my plan B is keeping me very excited!
  18. Honestly, I don't think it is. I've worked in many offices in my career with varying amounts of the same drama that I truly believe anywhere there's a bunch of people, there will be politics and drama. I expect grad school will be no different. As a side note, I had planned to apply to NYU but after reading the stuff on that disaster I decided not to. It wasn't so much the drama as the complete lack of accountability from the admin. I'm not interested in being somewhere that's basically a free for all for important people.
  19. Well, that's rather disheartening to hear from an alum of the program.
  20. FWIW I filtered Chicago on the results page and last year the earliest interviews were Jan 22. So it does seem mighty early for a legit interview offer.
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