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  1. @swarthmawr yeah this morning a bunch of us were talking about that but Warelin said last year there were acceptances even if the school was closed, so you never know!!
  2. I don’t know what half these words mean but it’s exciting to meet someone working in a similar field!!
  3. It is! My WS discusses how gender is expressed in urban environments in Manhattan Transfer by Dos Passos. I work mainly in spatial/urban studies and feminist/gender studies.
  4. @azuree 20th century americanist here! Mainly early 20th/modernist
  5. @jadeisokay I'm so sorry. A vacation and change of scenery will definitely help to put it into perspective and I'm sure you'll feel a bit better after!
  6. Really?? Maybe this varies program to program then. EDIT: The internet tells me that if you stipend comes from an assistantship, then it is already taxed. If not, like from a fellowship, then you need to disclose the amount as income to the IRS on your tax return.
  7. Grad school stipends are not taxed, so each spring you will have to pay back your relevant taxes to the IRS. I'm not sure what the rate of taxation is.
  8. I decided to cut NYU from my list of schools for 2 reasons: 1. the grossness with the comp lit dept. 2. the insane cost of living in NYC. I haven't had a roommate since freshman year of undergrad and I just could not fathom trying to live happily on even the very generous NYU stipend.
  9. When organizations send fundraising emails with the name of someone you don't know as the subject line so you think it's from a DGS but IT'S NOT!!!
  10. I'm only half joking but hearing this weather is actually NORMAL for Chicago is just reinforcing that I really probably don't belong at Chicago (or UMich tbh). I have legitimately cried because it's too cold for me at 20 degrees before.
  11. @bardie Yep I was thinking the same thing. And I 100% agree- I wouldn't survive that cold, and my poor island pup would be even more miserable than he is on the east coast!
  12. All this waiting is reallyyyy getting to me today.
  13. Can I just say, even not counting my expected Chicago rejection, that after seeing the weather in Chicago this week I wouldn't want to move there anyway? ?
  14. Just got an email and lost it thinking it was from Chicago, only to see it was about "How to Marie Kondo Your Kitchen" which is not something I want or need considering I can't cook.
  15. Sorry to all of you who got a rejection today. Just remember you are all bright shining stars! I'm sure I'll be right with you in dealing with a rejection sometime this week.
  16. @RipCityBaby I had a similar issue with the humanities fellowships in Canada- they are all for people who already have residency, so I wouldn't be able to apply for them until the second year of my program, which isn't ideal!
  17. First thing I do upon waking is check my email and then my application portal for the two schools that should be notifying the soonest. Is there a technology addiction recovery program specifically for grad school applicants? I think I need one... ?
  18. I didn't realize it was only 5! One day last week I was out by 9:30am, so I feel better about that knowing it's only 5 haha
  19. I’m glad I planned a last minute vacation this weekend so I can process my Chicago rejection on the beach!
  20. @bardie I'm assuming this week for Chicago - last year they notified on Jan 30!
  21. I don’t think most of my schools notify until mid-Feb but that doesn’t stop my anxiety from being full steam ahead this week!!
  22. I wish I wasn’t out of reactions for the day bc this is my fav
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