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  1. I don't understand why people would lie like that. What do they get out of it??? This site is basically anonymous, what's the payoff?
  2. I truly have nothing better to do with my time right now so I might as well obsess over that page! ?
  3. I have NEVER been to that page before so this is groundbreaking. Thank you!!
  4. Wait where is the results board... what am I missing...
  5. I feel the same way- I just want to know so I can move on with my life!!
  6. You list it as usual then write (Forthcoming) after it.
  7. Yep! Can't wait for 3 weeks from now when I haven't gotten a Chicago invite and therefore know I've been rejected. It's honestly going to be a relief from all this stress and waiting haha.
  8. This thread has made me feel VERY disconnected from academia haha. Perils of working a corporate job for several years- I've only had exposure to my own research interests in quite a while. It's pretty refreshing to read this whole discussion and learn some new stuff!
  9. As an FYI because someone I know just changed careers because they were denied, only 1% of those who applied for public service loan forgiveness were accepted, so I agree with @lincoln.hawks to not count on any program, etc. https://www.forbes.com/sites/zackfriedman/2018/09/24/public-service-loan-forgiveness-rejected/#611c62b61824
  10. Hmmm I'm not sure. I logged in now and don't see it, so if it was there, it's gone on mine too!
  11. I did not get an email from them, so we are apparently on different lists!
  12. I know WSU actually asks you to emphasize teaching, which in hindsight I don't think I did enough of. It's definitely a mess of a process. Most of it is down to things outside of our control, or at least that's what I'm telling myself. I did everything I could and now it's not up to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. I guess the danger would be if a program is more focused on research than teaching it would be a risk? But you should definitely be proud of it, and to me it makes sense to emphasize it if possible as teaching is usually the goal post-PhD. It definitely shows you're qualified!
  14. This is so interesting to me because I was encouraged to emphasize my teaching experience (though ultimately I didn't take that advice because I had no more space in my SOP).
  15. Did you guys read that Buzzfeed millennial burnout article that went viral over the past few days? I was surprised that it touched on the academic job market and felt called out by how the writer knew her prospects after a PhD were slim but she felt she would be one of the lucky few (until she wasn’t). That definitely spoke right to my delusional self haha.
  16. I would have literally NO idea how to answer that. I’ve spent 5+ years wanting to conduct the same research project in my SOP, how would I be expected to on the spot come up with something else? ? Another thing to stress over for the coming weeks, I suppose!
  17. While this is a valid concern, you're also well-primed to spin this as no one has written on this niche topic before, and you are the best qualified to do so because [insert quals here]. It's a great way to make yourself stand out in an SOP!
  18. I thought the same thing. Also, for those of us who already have MAs, it's just kind of silly.
  19. I'm at a point where I'm just waiting for the inevitable rejections to come in so I can move on with my life and acknowledge I at least tried to pursue my dream. I knew this was a long shot but it's the waiting that's killing me! As a side note, for anyone who was on the boards last cycle, did anyone on here get into Chicago? I combed through the boards but only seemed to see rejections from the Chicago PhD. It'd be very interesting if not a single person accepted last year was on GradCafe, though I suppose statistically it's possible.
  20. As of 10 minutes ago, all my apps are officially in! I think Chicago is probably my top choice, but it's hard to pick because I love all the schools I applied to.
  21. Is anyone else starting to have doubts about their chosen path now that apps are in? I'm trying to figure out if my fear of rejection is causing me to doubt my grad school plan and is a normal part of the process or whether I really am changing my mind...
  22. Invisible Man is sooo good. I took a course on Ellison and all of his work is just fascinating and so multi-layered.
  23. I agree with @beardedlady, but would also encourage you to check into UC schools as well as USC. Lots of feminist and ecocrit scholars, many specializing in literature of the West.
  24. It's definitely NOT too late, that was my whole point. Take some time while you're in a social work career to determine if you find it fulfilling, and if not, then do some more research and reading and figure out where your real passion is. If you really wanted to, you could do an interdisciplinary MA like a Chicago MAPH or similar which will allow you to learn and define your interests in a classroom, but it is a pricey option. Taking the time while you're working in another field is a more cost effective option.
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