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  1. The UI-Champaign rejection letter was the kindest I've seen, and I've seen 'em all. But, weirdly, it says that they accepted under 20% of applicants. Isn't that a way higher application-to-acceptance ratio than everywhere else? That means if they accepted 5 people, they did so out of a pool of 25 applicants; if 10 out of 5, and 10 seems like a high yield this year. What I'm saying is that for those of you playing this game again, IUCU sounds like an excellent program that hardly anyone bothers with.
  2. How do folks like us with great record collections strike out?
  3. It's gonna be an honor just to get a rejection letter from Harvard. Or so they think. I'd like an official notice from Buffalo.
  4. Who are you and when will we be able to read your wonderful things?
  5. I'm an early modernist and I tanked at most of those. If you would ever feel comfortable sharing your SoP and writing sample I'd be grateful; I clearly do not know what to aim for, nor the right stance to take. Plus it's just plain fun checking out other folks' work 😀.
  6. Two cents from an older applicant: I went back to school around age 30 to earn my degree. I was debt-averse and planned to work a full-time job to pay for things. Not a great idea; physical breakdown ensued. Something had to change, so I put it to myself this way: I went back to school because having a BA on my resume might mean I don't have to work menial jobs anymore; I didn't go back to work another menial job, go nuts, and tank my classes. Obviously this doesn't track your situation perfectly. Your job isn't menial, you quite like it, and you still have dreams, which is nice. M
  7. This is a wholly reasonable response, which I thank you for. I reached out during a couple cycles myself, not to every school but just here and there, and my application went no further.
  8. Sure. But any number of people on here claim to have received acceptance letters from POI. Perhaps in these particular instances these particular professors are, just temperamentally, quite eager to contact applicants whose friendly exchange they remember months, and hundreds of applications, later. It sounds to me, however, like a relationship had been built; how, I do not know, and if I admit that I suspect that the applicant's mentor reached out to a friendly colleague to put in a word on that student's behalf I do so without bitterness. And in any case this is the last time around for
  9. Thank you both for saying well what would have sounded bitter coming from this non-trad student.
  10. That Vanderbilt rejection letter is getting roasted on the results page. I didn't think it was that bad--probably the kindest of the three I've received from them. Then again, maybe I'm used to being treated like a rug, so you figure it out.
  11. Any scholars manques--Predestinated Washouts of the Americas and Beyond--wanna bet on who eats it first? I'm out everywhere but a couple tony, tippity-top schools, and they ain't gonna take me. Can anyone beat that?
  12. Thanks for letting me know, I'll cross that one of my list!
  13. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo?
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