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  1. MaoistTowelette

    2019 Applicants

    Don't let the bastards (mike) judge you too harshly.
  2. MaoistTowelette

    2019 Applicants

    Let me know if this airs, I'd like to see how well an us-type does against the usual species of contestant.
  3. MaoistTowelette

    ISO Statements of Purpose

    I'd greatly appreciate that, Cassifrassidy, that's very kind.
  4. MaoistTowelette

    ISO Statements of Purpose

    Thanks for the head start, victoriansimpkins. I can't say I know any more than I did, or feel any more confident about the task at hand, having read these--although the quasi-racist dialogue embedded in the former article was eye-opening in a certain way--but it's nice to know that we're both (all) paddling against the current on this. Best of luck in your cycle. Do keep us up to date.
  5. Good day, all, I've searched the breadth and depth of the Internet for statements of purpose from successful literature program applicants and have had the damndest luck finding more than a couple. I know, to a certain extent, what committees are looking for content-wise, but a few additional examples would give me a better grasp on the formalities involved. If need be, I suppose I could write to current grad students a couple of weeks from now, and hope one or another is in an eleemosynary mood. I'd like to get going on this more or less immediately, however; I'd be much obliged to anyone who could provide any information on relevant resources.

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