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  1. Hi! I took this course this spring and my class was super easy! The only downside was of course the cost of the class, but overall it was an EASY class. I’m not really interested in physics, but my professor made an effort to relate class topics to real life which helped me out. As for the quality of teaching, there are no direct lectures. Everything is done through educational videos that are really bare bones and only last at most two minutes, group discussions, quizzzes, etc. There are also no exams in the course! Hope that helps!
  2. I’m so, so sorry to just now be getting back to you!! I read this a while back and forgot to respond. Buuuttt I wanted to reach out and thank you as well for the advice!! I’ve earned additional in person hours and documented them like you suggested. I have over the 25 observation hours I need so now I’m all set on that!
  3. I am SO late responding to this, but I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you. You genuinely gave me hope and kept me going through this stressful process and I’m so sorry I’m just now responding!! I did have to send all my transcripts which was a pain!! I took the GRE a total of FIVE times so lol at that. On my last try my score stayed about the same, but my AW score went up to a 4.5!!!! I really think that helped out my application. I think my GRE from my old school and explaining that I finished my CSD undergrad classes in two years because I was so determined to be an SLP. My LORs and personal statement were super strong and I took all your advice into writing them so thanks for the insight!! As for ASHA EdFind, I scoured pretty much every school in the southeast and ended up applying to seven. Exciting news: as of right now I have two offers of admission and couldn’t be more thrilled. I’m having such a hard time deciding, but am so beyond thankful for my two acceptances!!!
  4. How did everything go!? I have to make a decision on schools by April 15th and I’m so lost 🙈
  5. I went to the program tour in January and met the program head then, but was not asked to interview for some reason? The program director said from this application cycle on they were going to interview everyone so don’t panic about that! You’ll do great! The faculty were super friendly during the tour. It wasn’t stressful and they had a good sense of humor which helped ease my nerves. My acceptance offer was for the Prep Phase not the Core Phase. I should’ve been admitted for the Core Phase because I graduated with a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders so I’ve been trying to get that all straightened out. I’ve had a hard time getting in touch with The Graduate School get it fixed. That may be why I wasn’t asked to interview! Let me know how it goes and I’m wishing you both the best! Good luck!
  6. Hey! I was recently accepted to UofL and was wondering if you ended up accepting your offer? I'm from GA too and am trying to find out a little more about the program!
  7. Hey guys! I was recently accepted into the UofL SLP program, but was hoping to find out a little more about the program from any current students? What are the pros/cons? Anything helps!! Thanks in advance ☺️
  8. Hey yall! I am planning on applying for SLP programs that start Summer 2019 or Fall 2019, depending on the program. I spent three years at a small private school where I majored in elementary education and special education. I realized my true calling was in SLP so I transferred schools to pursue these dreams. I had spent over a year and a half unhappy with my education major and finally got up the courage to transfer. I decided to transfer the August of what would have been my senior year and it was the hardest decision ever! At my old school, I had a 3.7 GPA, over 200+ volunteer hours in Title I schools, was hugely involved in the community outside of campus with community service as well as being involved on campus, in a sorority, and worked my entire time in school. I was able to finish my B.S. in Communication Sciences in Disorders in two years (SO PROUD OF MYSELF!), but as a result my overall GPA suffered. I had a 3.3 overall GPA, 3.2 GPA in CSD courses, and a 3.275 GPA for my last 60 hours. I have the 25 shadowing hours per ASHA requirements...not sure how Master Clinician fits into those? While taking CSD classes, I worked at an after school program with a really diverse student population, volunteered with special needs students, was involved within my sorority, and shadowed in the speech and hearing clinic on campus. I am currently taking a gap year to increase my GRE score. The first time taking it I got a 152 VR, 137 VR, and 4 AW, the second time 150 VR, 143 QR, and 3.5 AW. Before taking the GRE the second time, I solely focused on studying for the QR section. Right now during my gap year, I am gaining some awesome shadowing experience, working as a nanny, have a private tutor for the GRE, and am studying on my own. I haven't scheduled my third (and hopefully last!) time taking the GRE, but am looking at October or November. I feel like I'm putting myself in a panic and am trying to be realistic about my chances of getting into grad school. Any advice, tips, schools I should look into, or insight about my real chances of getting in would be greatly appreciated!!! I want to stay in the South if possible! Thanks in advance!
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