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  1. emily.slp

    Three-Year Programs

    I applied to all schools with 3-year programs, here are some that I looked at or applied to that haven't been mentioned yet: Sacred Heart University Georgia State University University of Kentucky University of Louisville Grand Valley State University University of Central Missouri Longwood University Radford University Western Carolina University
  2. Does anyone have any experience with U of Louisville's speech program? I was accepted here and probably going to attend, but was hoping to get some perspective from current or former students first. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey everybody! I really liked reading all of your posts and wish you all the best of luck! I'm an out-of-field applicant (psychology major/sociology minor) and I haven't taken any prerequisites, so I'm kind of limited in which programs I can apply to- which is why I'm applying to schools all over the country. I do have some related experience- I have been shadowing a speech pathologist since October. I also had a year-long internship at a mental health facility, which is not directly related, but I think (hope?) looks good on my apps. Which programs are you applying to? Grand Valley, Radford, Sacred Heart, Temple, University of Arizona, University of Central Florida, University of Central Missouri, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, University of South Alabama, Western Carolina (11 total) Where are you from? Atlanta, GA What are your biggest concerns about applications? I don't think my GPA and GRE scores are very competitive. My overall GPA is 3.58; my GRE is 301 (Verbal- 156, Math- 145, Writing- 4.5). I'm really worried about getting an acceptance, so I am applying to a lot of schools. It's stressful and expensive, so I hope that it's worth it in the end & that I am not doing too much!

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