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  1. https://ps.ucdavis.edu/graduate/job-placements That should be the information you’re looking for. I’d caution against relying too much on that article in your case, because UC-Davis has risen in the rankings a lot since the 90s I think (they’re like 17 now, right?). For what it’s worth, I definitely understand your concern. I think you really should consider where you’d like to see yourself end up. It’s an obnoxious system, but it does seem like in virtually all cases you won’t be able to get a TT job at an institution ranked higher than where you did your PhD. In some cases, people
  2. I’d like to be more optimistic, but I think this is correct. I’m assuming Columbia is a rejection for me
  3. I really thought we would have heard from Columbia by now
  4. Last year Columbia released results on Thursday the 22nd.. I would not be surprised if we hear something tonight or tomorrow
  5. Really hoping Columbia releases decisions soon..
  6. If anyone else received their funding offer from UT-Austin today and wants to discuss, feel free to pm me
  7. The DGS for Ohio State said funding decisions would come out the third week of Feb, and Ohio State released admissions about the same time as UT. I’m thinking it’ll probably be a similar timeline, but who knows
  8. I’m an IR UNC admit, so at least some decisions outside of American have been released
  9. At this point I’m more eagerly anticipating funding information for the schools I’m accepted to than decisions from the 3 schools I have left. It’s tough to start deciding where you want to go when you don’t know how the funding is going to vary
  10. Same. I wouldn’t call it my dream school, but it was one I really thought was a good fit
  11. I have two acceptances at top-20s so far and did not take a single math course in undergrad. Intro to stats from a cc in high school was it for me. A decent Quant GRE can definitely mitigate things if you have little formal training, and I think in that case the SoP and writing sample are very important.
  12. I started the application process with a diagnostic score of like 160V/149Q and ended with 168/160. I used Magoosh and a few practice books. I think Magoosh is like $130 for 6 months or something, and I would really look into that. I hadn’t done much math since high school so I needed something more than just practice problems, and the video lessons on Magoosh were super helpful for me (they also have hundreds of practice problems). This is a much cheaper option and worked well for me. Also, I just wanted to say that the process for applying to these programs is grueling and often idiosy
  13. Disappointed UCSD didn’t notify this week. Really thought they would tbh
  14. Accepted at UT-Austin. IR subfield.
  15. The wait is starting to get me a bit.. I’m assuming Northwestern is a rejection at this point, but UCSD should hopefully be releasing decisions soon
  16. You’re all probably right. From what I just looked at Northwestern had 9 acceptances via gradcafe last year and only has 5 this year. Hopefully there are still a few more
  17. Maybe they’re doing it differently this year, who knows
  18. Maybe I’m wrong, but it looks like so far only one batch of acceptances has gone out from Northwestern. This is not, at least from what I’ve seen, how they did it last year. Also, surely there would be more acceptances listed on the results page if all had been sent out. There are almost certainly acceptances left to be released, and I would not worry until after at least one more round of acceptances comes out.
  19. I think there's a good chance it's just a troll. Two of them say via email, one says via website - that seems weird to me. Who knows.. I have not yet received an email and my application portal still just says submitted.
  20. Just my opinion, but I think it’s really unlikely Northwestern has sent out all of their acceptances at this point. They usually admit between 25-30 each year, and I think we would see more activity via the results page if this many acceptances had already been sent. Also, as others have mentioned, the results page from last year indicates that Northwestern sends out acceptances over a period of a few days.
  21. Based on Northwestern’s results from last year, it looks like they send out acceptances over a period of a 1-4 days or so. Really hoping that’s the case again this year.
  22. This is also my first time applying, so keep that in mind. I have included the endnotes in each sample. I have pages/words to spare in each case, so there’s really no reason for me not to. For every school that mentions this on the website that I’ve seen, it has been noted that references do not count in the word/page count.
  23. I’m working on my applications now and am trying to decide on a writing sample. I know it will be a portion of my thesis, but various schools have different limits. My question is this: will it look bad to programs with a 50 page limit if I submit a sample that’s only 35 pages (in order to comply with other limits)? I think it’s really unlikely that the adcomms are going to read 50 pages, and in order to increase from 35 to 50 I’d have to add a new chapter of my thesis and I don’t have another analytical chapter that is less than 20 or so pages. Thoughts?
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