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  1. Hi Blossom, sorry, I JUST saw your comment. I'll be returning to CSU East Bay in the Fall for grad school. Feel free to send me a message if you decided to accept their offer. I'd be happy to chat about the program and what I know from undergrad/my friends in the grad program.
  2. Gallaudet has an SLP program, though I've heard it's very expensive. I think they do offer scholarships, but I'm not sure. It's definitely one of my dream schools! I volunteer at a Deaf school with the spoken English teacher and love it. Is there a particular geographic area you'd like to stay near? You will definitely have more classes to take, but many programs accept students who don't have a background in communication sciences and disorders, it just means a little extra time in school.
  3. I'm also interested in swapping and editing personal statements! I have one personal statement done, but would really like to see more examples of others and have somebody review and edit mine.
  4. Thanks for the tip! That's a bummer, because I feel like East Bay does the opposite and accepts more students from other schools. Fingers crossed that one of them accepts me, I guess?
  5. Hi everybody! Where are you applying? I'm only applying to three schools: Cal State East Bay, Sacramento State, and San Jose State. Where are you from? I'm in the Bay Area and stuck here because my partner has a great job here and I want to stay close to family. What are your concerns? Um, everything. I live close to CSU East Bay so it would be great to go there. Plus, I'm doing my undergrad in SLHS there and I like the community. I volunteer at the Deaf school in Fremont and it would be easier to keep doing that if I was going to school close by. But it seems to me that they only let in a very few people who did their undergrad there. Sac State and San Jose look like they have good programs but the commute would be A LOT. I have strong grades and test scores (4.0 cumulative GPA; GRE scores 165 V, 159 Q, AWA 5.0) but I worry that my letters of rec won't be great, as I don't know many of my profs especially well. I'm terrified of missing deadlines or messing something up on CSDCAS. Applying to grad school is insanely complicated. I can't wait for this to be over with ?
  6. Hi there, I'll be finishing up my undergrad degree in SLHS at CSU East Bay this Spring and I'm looking at applying to East Bay, Sacramento, and San Jose (I'm stuck around the Bay Area). I've met a ton of people in the grad program at East Bay and I'm familiar with what their grad program has to offer, but I don't know anybody at Sac or San Jose. Can anybody share some experiences about what their grad programs are like? I'm interested in pursuing med-SLP as opposed to school-based. I was excited to see that Sacramento has a Trans voice clinic and that they work with clients who have cleft palate and hearing loss, as those are some specific interests of mine. I wasn't able to make it to Sac State's info session since it conflicted with my current classes. I would love to talk with anybody who has gone to (or knows more about) either Sac or San Jose. Thanks!
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