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  1. I have basically been devolving into nothing more than a semi-functioning ball of anxiety since you posted this, as I'm on the waitlist as an early modernist, and was told I was high on the waitlist. Just call me pleaaaaassseeee. Or send an email. Hey, I'll even take a snapchat at this point.
  2. I haven't heard anything from WashU yet, either. The radio silence is deafening!
  3. MA (and then hopefully to PhD)! I’m finishing my bachelor’s up right now. Her email made it seem like it’s a funding issue; she said they are basically rolling out acceptances a few at a time instead of their usual method (offering funding to more candidates than they have room for). She said it’ll be a small cohort this year.
  4. I just got the kindest email letting me know I am on the wait list at SLU! Really hoping a spot opens up; the DGS seems so nice and understanding. Edit: Also, Congratulations!
  5. Hello all! I've been frantically lurking for weeks but found out today I have been waitlisted at Saint Louis University. I have only applied there and WUSTL, as I'm married with a family and can't relocate any time soon due to my husband's career. Still waiting to hear from WUSTL, but the email from SLU was very positive and encouraging. Fingers crossed a spot opens up somewhere for me!
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