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  1. Thank you so much! I was just really luck to be in the right place at the right time! All the best with your applications
  2. This is my first and last chance too...started Sept. 2016 and fast-tracked. I applied to CIHR. Here's to hoping we at least get that one...
  3. Same as me...for one organization I volunteered for 10 years straight and I still got such a low score!
  4. From previous years, it looks like there's a 3% decline rate. So chances are quite slim.
  5. Btw for future applicants. I got waitlisted, ranked 66/183. Scores: Academic excellence: 5.85, Research potential: 6.75, Leadership: 5.75. 12 publications (8 first author), 14 awards, 5 conference abstracts, 5 presentations.
  6. Congratulations!!! I did not get it unfortunately! Oh well...
  7. Super hard. Just burying myself in work and trying not to think about it.
  8. I agree with this! It's also really nice validation for how you're performing in academia.
  9. I agree. But I still have a feeling that they'll end up releasing them a few days after April 4th....
  10. Oh god now there's even more uncertainty 😂 I guess i'll be checking ResearchNet even more frequently!
  11. I feel like we should begin a Vanier 2019-2020 support group 😂
  12. Congratulations!! That must've been a big relief!
  13. That's crazy! The good thing is that you're going to be set for your PhD project 🙂 my boss told me he wanted me to apply in August so I started in August...needless to say, that was rough af... it seems pretty rare for students from the same department to be forwarded! You will both be judged individually though so I think you shouldn't worry too much about that!
  14. Oh geez I didn't know it was 3.1. From what I observed, we had to have an average greater than like 6.1 to be funded. Hmm I think as long as you show that you have the potential to be productive, it should be fine! For me, I find it hard to judge whether my ECs are good or not....plus my grades were horrible during junior undergrad, but then I killed my senior years and PhD and also won a bunch of awards. So who knows how they will judge that...
  15. That really sucks! Does your program offer a minimum funding package?
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