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  1. To the two people who posted about an interview at UMBC, would you mind DMing me your POI's initials? Thank you and congrats!
  2. If anyone heard from Wayne State, can you please DM me your POI's. Congrats and thank you!
  3. Can anyone who heard from Wayne State, PM me their POI's initials? Thank you in advance!
  4. Has anyone heard anything from University of Maryland-Baltimore County or University of Alabama-Birmingham for Clinical Psychology? I know I saw an update from one person for each program, but I was wondering if it was an individually tailored response or mass response. Thanks!
  5. Congrats to everyone who got an interview from Nebraska! I was wondering if anyone (maybe from previous years) knows what the situation is with Nebraska if you did not get the rejection email (which was sent a couple days ago) but have also not received an interview email?
  6. Hi everyone! I saw someone got an email from the DCT from University of Alabama Birmingham Clinical/Medical Psych inviting him/her to an interview. I saw that last year, invites were not sent out until the new year, so I was wondering if anyone else got an interview from them or had any info on that. Thanks!
  7. Has anyone heard anything from the University of Memphis? I saw one person got an invite through email from their POI, but invites were not sent out this early in the past. Thanks for any insight!
  8. Has anyone heard from Bowling Green? Last year they sent out interview notifications around this time.
  9. Hi everyone, Quick question that I wanted your opinions on—I submitted all of my applications and my LOR writers have submitted their letters as well. My research interests are broadly on the effects of adverse experiences growing up on one’s behavior. That being said, I think one of my letter writers may have used childhood maltreatment as my research interest which fits under the adverse experiences category, but is more defined then adverse experiences. My other two letter writers have used adverse experiences and trauma as describing my interests which I asked them to do, however the third may have used child maltreatment. I don’t even know how much time he focused on my research interests in the letter vs my experiences, but I wanted to know how much you think this will hurt my application if he used too specific terminology when describing my interests, if that is not what I explicitly stated in my personal statement. Thanks!
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