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    I'm twenty-two, but I have friends in my college's MFA in Creative Writing program who are in their thirties and forties. I'm sure wherever you go, you won't be the only one in your thirties!
  2. I just recently applied to University of Arizona as well! I definitely feel you on nothing ever being "done." I can't stop myself from constantly rereading and editing - it must be a writer thing? The advice I've been given with the SOP is that you should first and foremost answer the questions on the given prompt. Once you've answered them to the fullest extent (while still below word count) you can call it. Or another something I try to do is get another pair of eyes on it and mark it up based on their feedback and make those changes. Sometimes that gives me a sense of finality. Thanks for posting btw! I've been prepping for this cycle since February and I can't remember how it feels to not be anxious about this stuff. It's good to know I'm not alone
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