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  1. As anyone heard from Northwestern's Human Development and Social Policy program yet?
  2. anyone hear from Northwestern's Human Development and Social Policy program yet?
  3. Which program at NYU did you hear back from>
  4. Has anyone heard from NYU's psychology and social intervention program?
  5. I reached out to the other school and they said decisions are being made next week, but her suggestion was that it is a good idea to save the date of their interview. I don't think that is a promise that I will get an invite, but I'm not sure. What do we think? Thanks so much for helping. This is definitely a good problem to have and I'm very thankful, but it is really hard to navigate times with these professors who I want to impress.
  6. is anyone doing the MPP and PhD in psychology dual degree?
  7. thanks so much, really needed some advice! The back and forth with this PI is getting very nerve racking and stressful
  8. Desperate for advice! I have gotten an interview at one of my top schools. The PI called me to let me know they wanted me to come down for an interview and provided me with two options for interview weekends which I feel is rare (usually it is just one). I said I preferred the earlier date - I'll call it option 1, and she said that one is getting crowded so she will have to check. I chose that date because another top school of mine has interview days on the later date (option 2). Although I have not gotten an interview from this other school yet, I have heard that they have not yet sent out invites and there is still a chance I could hear from them and so I thought it would be best to avoid a potential conflict. The PI got back to me a day later and asked if there was any way I could come to the second option, and if not she understood, they are just trying to accommodate everyone. Feeling like she was still giving me an option, I replied and told her I was so sorry but I still had the conflict on my calendar and would greatly appreciate it if she could squeeze me in to the earlier date. She got back to me today and told me she is getting a lot of push back from the committee and if my conflict was firm, and to be honest either way. I've gotten different feedback and am unsure what is best. 1)Be firm and tell her I can only do option 1 2) reach out to my other top choice and see my status on my application, maybe that will give me insight 3)just give in to this first school and do the option 2 since this is a school I have heard back from and as of right now I have the greatest chance of getting in here compared to the other school I have not heard back from
  9. Oh man! Those are the exact three I mentioned. We must have similar interests!!
  10. anyone hear from Princeton yet? The deadline was November 26 so I'm thinking we should be hearing soon...
  11. Seems like you already made the decision, but for peace of mind, I had a similar situation but it was two interviews on the same exact date. I had already committed to one, and then received an invite to the other one two weeks later and had this dilemma. The first one I had committed to was local, so I decided to ask them if there were alternative days. I was also upfront with them that I had another interview the same day because what other conflict would be more important than another interview (weddings are planned in advanced, and funerals I have a policy not to lie about). They should understand that you are applying to other places. I also let the program know that I was also reaching out to the other university to see about alternative dates, so they didn't get the sense I cared less about this one. The contact person was pretty understanding and quickly provided me with new dates to meet with my POI's (three of them, and the program director). So it all worked out!! It feels a little weird to do this, but I'm sure these things happen all the time. I just hope it doesn't impact anything in the decision making process.
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