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  1. I didn't get my formal letter an entire week after my POI called so don't get stressed if you don't receive it right away...but yah it doesn't totally feel real until you see it in writing.
  2. I'll be moving to Cincinnati this summer and studying at UC. What are good areas to live around campus? Is campus area even safe to live around or is it better to live a little farther out? I plan on having a dog so I want to live close enough that if need be, I can run home to let her out. Also...big into running/climbing/hiking so let me know if you have recommendation in the area!
  3. Okay that makes me feel better....It doesn't feel official until that email comes through. And @SoldierOn I was not the QM poster.
  4. Has anyone received a formal acceptance from University of Cincinnati for clinical psych? I received an informal phone call from my POI last week but haven't gotten anything official yet.
  5. To the person who posted in the forum about Baylor waitlist...can you DM me your POI? Did they tell you your ranking on the waitlist or just that you were an alternate?
  6. Called Kansas Child Psych and DePaul Child Track...all interview invites have been extended.
  7. Does anyone know if the mass email from Kansas someone posted about was for child clinical psych?
  8. For those who got invites from Xavier, did it seem like a mass invite? Was it for a specific track?
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