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  1. Seeing a few posts about international students - feel free to reach out should you have any questions regarding applying in the US (either this cycle or next) 😊😊😊 Haven't heard back from JHU since my interview (International Health, Human Nutrition - anyone applied/heard back???), but I have accepted Harvard's admission offer and sent out emails informing the remaining schools of my decision. Wishing everyone waiting to hear back the very best!!!
  2. Interviewed with two POIs for JHU's International Health Program early January. Hoping you hear something soon! Good luck!
  3. ACCEPTED TO HARVARD PHS!!!! Crying...dying!!!!
  4. Thanks! waiting for an official notice before I even contemplate rejoicing. Using the format someone had used earlier - hope it helps: Undergrad Institution: Small Liberal Arts College - USAMajor(s): BiochemistryMinor(s): Dance, SpanishGPA in Major: 3.5Overall GPA: 3.6Position in Class: n/aType of Student: International Postgrad: Clinical-Translational research manager, Research associate - Interdisciplinary: Genetic epi, gastroenterology, immunology, microbiology GRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 155 (80%)V: 160 (90%)W: 4.5 (89%)TOEFL Total: n/aResearch Experience: Undergrad: 4 years undergrad research - all semesters of research starting freshman year, 4 consecutive paid summer research in same lab, 9 conference poster presentations, 1 oral presentation, 1 research award, culminated with 1st author publication (molecular biology) by graduation. Professional Research: 4 years of clinical-translational research experience working various facets including wet-lab, patient care/contact, surgical techniques and tissue processing, IRB submissions, grant applications, data collection, management and analysis. Leading 7 projects, 2 multisite consortium projects with top 10 institutions. 12 conference (national and international) publications, 2 conference awards, 1 first author international conference presentation, 2 co-author papers (in review). Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Shelby Davis United World Scholar, HRH Prince Charles Scholar, ASBMB Research Award, polyglot (8 fluent) Thank you! Here's hoping! Paranoia is getting the best of me and I need the official acceptance in hand to have this sink in!
  5. How likely is an official offer of admission if I've gotten an 'unofficial' acceptance email from the Department Chair stating that they've "made a recommendation of [my] application for admission to the University's Graduate School" and that they wanted to "congratulate [me] a bit early on my accomplishment. You will receive a formal financial offer in February. More to come soon." ????
  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! So exciting!! ??
  7. No, I didn't interview with them. My program and POI fall under the PiBS (PhD Program in Biological Science) umbrella in the Graduate Division of Medical Sciences. This program only invites candidates for on-campus interviews with faculty in the department.
  8. Thanks for the updates! This is the email I received from BU last week indicating that I'm waitlisted for an interview: "...We have now made our selection for our interviews. Unfortunately, your application was not chosen an on-site interview. However, we are keeping your application active. This indicates that your candidacy is still of interest to us and we are keeping it on high hold for the time being. In the meantime, please feel free to update us on your progress in your application to PhD programs other than BU. To be clear, your application is on high hold and has not been rejected. In the event we that have available student slots in our class after our initial interview and acceptance process, we may contact you to set up an interview..."
  9. I was interviewed by POI (PHS Nutrition Department) in mid December and then by a faculty in the same department a few days later. Told to expect news by early Feb.
  10. Interviewed for JHU International Health - Human Nutrition PhD on 01/09/19, follow-up interview 01/13. Told will be notified of decision by early Feb Interviewed for Harvard PHS - Nutrition PhD with two faculty members; with POI on 12/18/18 and AdComm member on 12/22/18. Told will be notified of decision by early Feb Waitlisted for interview at Boston Uni for the Nutrition and Metabolism PhD (under PiBS) - notified via email on 01/24/19 Pending - UChicago Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition - radio silence.... has anyone heard anything/applied?
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