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  1. Hi all-- I just received my first acceptance earlier today (woo hoo!) and am wondering how to respond to an acceptance when you're still interviewing with other programs and want to tell the program you want to interview with/hear back from all schools before making a decision?
  2. In one of my interviews, I have been assigned to interview with a professor who is actually an orthopedic surgeon who does research on the side, so I am unable to find more than a couple of sentences explaining his research work! Advice on how to prep for this interview? For all my other interviews I'm studying up on their work but I feel like I can't do this for him...
  3. Has NUIN sent out any offers yet? their first recruitment day was on Friday
  4. Also, what do we think about schools wanting to send "merch?" Is this usually a good sign that they really want you?
  5. How many interviews do we think is a good "cushion" to ensure you will be accepted somewhere? If you're invited to interview, there's typically over a 50% chance you'll be accepted, correct?
  6. I have! Here's what they said: In the coming weeks, the committees will be finalizing their admissions decisions. The selected applicants will be invited to interview virtually February 15-17, 2022. This will be our only interview session. Those admitted will be invited, at our expense, to an in-person visit March 17-20, 2022. In general, if an applicant has not heard about a possible invitation by mid-February, it is unlikely that they will be invited to Stanford or admitted. Applicants who are not selected for an interview will receive a letter that states that no further ac
  7. oh got it! can i ask the initials of the PI you're interviewing with?
  8. Does anyone know what the chances are of being interviewed after being placed at the "top of the waitlist" for interview? Seems like there are 3 different interview weekends.... not sure if the last one might be reserved for last second/waitlisted interviewees?
  9. has harvard sent rejections yet? do we think it;s worth it to reach out and ask in case we've been waitlisted..
  10. For those of you who have received an invitation with NUIN-- were you given an option to choose to interview between 3 different interview dates? or did they just give you a January interview date?
  11. Hi! wouls you mind sharing PI initials of who you're interviewing with at Univ of Denver? Thank you!!
  12. so i was just told that I am at the "top of the waitlist" for a neuro program... does anyone know what this means? does anyone know what my chances are of interviewing?
  13. how many interview do yall have??? I have 2.. wondering if that's a good cushion to guarantee that i'll be in school next fall 😭
  14. would u mind telling the PI initials if who you're itnerviewing with at Univ of Houston? and do you know if all invites have been sent? thanks!
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