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  1. Have you gone out to Illinois yet? I have a friend who also got accepted to ICR and he got very mixed reviews from students there when he visited. FWIW he's coming from a more Media Studies than Mass Comm perspective
  2. I would definitely still go to both. I agree with @Psyhopeful - I also like to see all of my options before I make any decisions, and if getting to Rutgers is not a burden for you (I'm originally from your area, so I know how much it suckssss to drive through New Jersey sometimes! ;)), then you should certainly see what they have to offer! For me, this is just too big of a decision to make without fully exploring my options. Best of luck with your decision! (And congratulations on the baby!)
  3. I just got my official email from BU, so hopefully you'll hear some good news soon!
  4. I didn't even apply to Brown, and even I'm waiting to hear about their admissions! Sending luck to all Brown applicants!
  5. Thank you so much, @transrelativity and @Melisa! This whole community has been so supportive of each other, so thank you for renewing my faith in humanity!
  6. Haven't heard anything formal from BU yet. Admittedly, I'm actually already a student here, so one of my professors heard through the grapevine that I got in and spilled the beans. No word of when they're going to send out anything official, but I asked one of my friends who is in the program right now and he said he didn't get the official call until early-mid March :( I also just got rejected from UNC. Congratulations to those who made it to the next round!
  7. Got an email from a UT-Austin POI tonight saying that they had been told that I had received an acceptance email (I hadn't...) and they wanted to extend their congratulations! I emailed back almost instantaneously, to say thank you and I had yet to hear anything, but it seems like it's legit - I got into UT-Austin RTF/Media Studies! Absolutely over the moon. Sounds like they've either started notifying people, or will be emailing/calling accepts soon.
  8. Just out of curiosity - did you have an interview? (Don't know how to say this without sounding like I'm bragging...) I did, but I'm not really hearing that a lot of people did, which almost seems weird to me, but that could just be paranoia and nerves creeping in
  9. Is anyone else here also waiting for UT Austin's Media Studies? I'm dying over here.
  10. My GRE scores aren't the best (except for my writing, but that must've been a fluke!), a so-so undergrad GPA (3.2something), a 3.89 in my current MFA program, a few low-key conference presentations, and I still was accepted to a program because one of the professors wanted to work with me! I think at the end of the day, research alignments are really what matter. After all, just about everyone who is applying for a PhD program is absolutely qualified, but not everyone can match up with the program (does that make sense? I've been grading for the past hour or so and my brain is mush!)
  11. Just got a rejection email from Michigan. Oh well. Apparently they had 109 applications, 6 spots, yada yada yada. Congrats to those who got in!
  12. I was just informed by one of my professors that I was accepted to BU's American & New England Studies program! This is my first accept and I"m so ridiculously excited!! If you're also waiting, it sounds like they have made their decisions and hopefully they'll be notifying people soon!
  13. Still waiting, and didn’t hear anything. Also didn’t see any update on my application portal
  14. FYI if there's any of us waiting on UNC, one of my friends called them for an update and they were told decisions weren't coming out until late March. Seems awfully late, but ok...?
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