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  1. For those of you admitted to NYUs AQR program, what were your GRE scores? I love the program and am so anxious about the prospect that my score is too low without information on any other applicants.
  2. Is it rude or uncommon to not go to a recruitment weekend (after being accepted)? I am not sure that I can make it to a few because of date conflicts but do not want to be the only one who misses it or have it come off as me being ungrateful for the invitation. Also, I thought I saw a thread on here somewhere with recruitment weekend dates for sociology programs but can't seem to find it now. Can anyone help me get to that?
  3. Based on what my undergraduate professor told me, I thought that all applications for sociology graduate programs were reviewed at the same time and did not have rolling admissions but now it seems everyone is finding out from their schools at different times...is there a benefit to applying earlier?
  4. I checked the portal before making the post and nothing was there...checked it a few minutes after making the post and a decision was made. I was denied but am still hopeful for an acceptance from some of the other schools I applied to.
  5. I was also told by the graduate program coordinator at UT Austin that decisions were going out in February but on the "results" section of this website, there are a few who posted they were already accepted to the program...same with UCSB...I am waiting on both and getting very nervous this means that I will be receiving a rejection...anyone know anything about this and if there is hope?lol
  6. I am anxiously waiting to hear back from the schools I have applied to for my PhD in Sociology. While looking over the 'results' section of this site, I saw that others have already heard back from a couple of the schools I am waiting to hear from (UCSB, UT Austin, and Rice). I checked my statuses online, and my applications are definitely still in review. I don't want to assume anything but am feeling like that means these schools are waiting to send out their rejection letters...does anyone know what is going on with this?
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