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  1. Congrats!! It has been quiet this week....
  2. Sorry, I didn't proof read or clarify my fault! What I meant was... he emailed back apologizing for writing "joint msw/phd". That was a typo. I was accepted to just* the PhD program- no msw. Then he attached the formal acceptance letter where everything is accurate. No msw classes... and if I'm lucky, I will be able to petition out of a few PhD courses because of my DSW course work. Boom.
  3. It was an error in his email initial email, but the formal acceptance letter has the correct program listed. My stomach was in knots. I obviously didn't apply to a joint msw program... but then I was looking at my application proof last night and looking through my emails wondering if I made a mistake. Rough night... now I'm going to try and enjoy this.
  4. They have both the joint MSW/PhD and the PhD. Hmm. I'll have to email back to clarify. The irony is I was ABD for a DSW back in 2017. Switched my path... so not only do I have a MSW, but I was told I could petition to have some of my doctoral credits transfer. Which is why I am EXTRA confused by the acceptance letter.
  5. I know this question has been answered (I just can't seem to find it right now), when you are accepted into a joint msw/phd program, is that just the program title? Meaning... I have my MSW but was accepted into the "joint msw/phd program". I am assuming I will not be repeating my MSW again but I wanted clarification.
  6. Loyola and Ohio State said they would have decisions made by the end of February and Michigan State said mid March. Does anyone else have a countdown on their phone? No? That's cool, me neither.
  7. I submitted all of my applications between September and October and because of that I think I have 0 patience left for waiting! My anxiety is wrecked!
  8. Good luck to you! Did you apply anywhere else?
  9. I've been hyper googling and I think most schools do waves of admissions. I agree, I think this person was just a great candidate and they wanted them! *congrats if that person reads this!!* I had an interview with Mizzou last month. I applied to 2 programs that didn't require the GRE; they were one of them. My scores weren't the greatest so I figured I should create a safety net for myself. They just got approval for four years of full funding. I guess in pervious years they were only able to offer 2. So, was super happy about that!
  10. I applied to MSU. I saw someone was accepted in January. I applied to OSU, MSU, Wisconsin, Loyola, U of I- champagne/urbana, and Mizzou.
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