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  1. They will probably look at your last 2 years of school! But if you’ve taken classes after school than they’ll definitely consider those
  2. If you are in 4th year of university OISE looks at your marks just from 3rd year (not 1st and 2nd) and then if you get accepted they give you a conditional offer to maintain a certain average with your 4th year marks. I am applying out of my bachelors and I have a bunch of friends who are in the same boat. Goodluck!
  3. Goodluck to everyone who is still waiting to hear back! I was accepted into P/J, J/I, and MACSE on February 15th. I have chosen J/I so hopefully one of you guys gets the P/J spot!! Also important to note for those waiting, the office of the registrar is SLOW. I sent in my confirmation forms with my decisions on March 7th and I called this week to make sure they had been processed but they have not been done yet due to the influx of applicants. Once they process them, spots will open up! It will just depend where you are on the wait list
  4. The MT applications get reviewed by a completely separate set of faculty than the MACSE program so don't worry if you didn't hear anything from the MT yet it's probably still under review. Did you apply before or after the Nov 15 date?
  5. I just think its more geared to learning the developmental side of kids rather than teaching. MT looks more professional in my opinion but it also depends on what your end goal is. If you want to work with special ed children then the MACSE is better but it's not for everyone
  6. I thought my interview went great! and I have a lot of experience working with kids in and out of the classroom setting
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