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  1. I applied to 8 schools... now I'm kind of (very much) wishing I hadn't applied to so many because I have been accepted at all of them. I think I had a lot of self-doubt about how competitive of an applicant I really was (as every program I applied to was very competitive), combined with indecision because I found exciting things I liked about every program I applied to. Ultimately, it is nice to have all these acceptances as a vote of confidence that 8 different admissions committees think I have what it takes to become an SLP, but I'm already poor and spending over $1200 on applications (including GREs, sending scores/transcripts, etc.) was NOT fun and applying to that many schools took a lot of time. I'll post my stats at the bottom as I don't know how to make a signature lol, but I'm hoping this helps some applicant in the future who may see this and be in a similar situation. GPA: 3.89 overall, 3.8 CSD | GRE: 159V, 158Q, 5W (best scores I received between the 2x I took the test) undergrad at Iowa with LORs from two senior faculty and a PhD candidate I do research with, study abroad, VP of a panhellenic sorority, some relevant experience with kids and people with disabilities, kind of threw my SOPs together, but they were still decent I'd say Accepted at: University of Maryland - College Park, University of South Florida, University of Iowa, University of Arizona, University of Utah, University of Minnesota, University of Texas - Austin, University of Washington - Seattle (MedSLP)
  2. I'm originally from Minnesota, but did my undergrad at Iowa. I'm sad to be leaving our incredible program, but personally I just need a change in scenery and to get away from the cold winters 😂
  3. Hi SLP buddies 😊 I just got accepted at University of Texas - Austin today and I am over the moon about it... it's my top choice! I absolutely love stuttering and am really hoping to work with Dr. Byrd in the stuttering institute. I am thinking that I will most likely accept and can't wait to find out what other awesome people will be in the cohort. I am from out of state and hardly know a soul in Austin, so I'm hoping for a super fun, encouraging cohort full of new friends. Congratulations to everyone else who was accepted!
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