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  1. Thank you very much for the suggestion, will definitely take a look at it! Also, thanks for giving your opinion about my profile, it's much appreciated! 😁
  2. Yes, I'm still searching though. The application fees + TOEFL + GRE are quite expensive after converting to the brazillian currency, so I unfortunately can't apply to a lot of schools. Nevertheless, I'll also apply to some schools here in Brazil that will function as safety schools.
  3. Hi guys, this is my first ever post, so I hope to not be doing anything wrong. I am a mechanical engineering undergraduate student from Brazil, and will be applying for graduate school in the US and in Canada for fall 2020 admission. Since the admission process is fairly different from what is done here in my country, I'm not familiar with the credentials that are considered to be good or bad for top schools (I do know, however, that the competition is fierce and sometimes even the best students don't get in), so any advice will be helpful. Here is a brief overview of my CV: Major: Mecha
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