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  1. I accepted International Public Policy at Balsillie
  2. Congrats to you too! But I will be declining their offer. Best of luck
  3. Honestly!! That's why it's sooo irritating because it was literally due back in December and when you call them it's useless. If this is how useless they are with admissions I don't even want to imagine how shitty they must be once you're actually admitted. So over it lol & they're not Harvard so I really don't understand the length in acceptances/rejections
  4. Lol I am so appalled at how shitty Ryerson is with sending acceptances/rejections. At this point I'm over it & couldn't care less whether I get rejected or not. I feel like emailing and telling them they're pretty ANNNOYINGGGG
  5. The small cohort makes the experience better. Profs are amazing and the courses are very interesting so you will enjoy your time. Best of luck!
  6. Currently finishing up my MA in IR at Mac and it's a great program. You can always ask Mac to give you an extension with acceptance, that's what I did last year.
  7. UofT's MPP program being 2 years is a con itself, no guarantee of paid internship or internship at all, it's soo expensive as well and the courses seem a lot more boring & heavily quantitive focused.
  8. If you''re rejected they would email you so don't worry I don't think they're done with sending out acceptances.
  9. Congrats. When did you receive your acceptance from Ryerson?
  10. Congrats!! I’m still waiting to hear back, it’s my first choice
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