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  1. So my POI at Ottawa told me they accept 15 students per year and once they submit ranked applicants to the committee, decisions are out of their hands. My POI said he wanted one student but could end up with 0-2. The committee makes the final decisions and chooses who gets a spot regardless of POI preference (to an extent). It might be more about the spots to be filled - if someone turns down an offer it would be who is next in line in general rather than POI specific (at least that's the vibe I got). Other institutions do this process differently but for Ottawa I think that there's more oppor
  2. To those that applied to Lakehead - I received an email from the program coordinator stating that they are still in the process of making admission decisions. Lakehead doesn't have a formal interview process so if you haven't heard you might still be under consideration. If anyone has specific questions about this program, I'd be happy to answer. Good luck to those still waiting to hear!
  3. It's possible that someone could turn down the offer! Until it's verified that they actually accepted the offer (or you receive the official rejection), I wouldn't give up yet! I've had friends in the past come off the waitlist for their top choice in April.. There's still time. Remember, if someone holds multiple offers they can only go to one institution.
  4. Hey everyone I officially accepted one of my offers.. I know it's not common to do so early but I think the program is amazing and so is the supervisor! I previously said I got OGS at Ottawa, so whoever is on the waitlist for scholarships and the program I hope you get what you want! (I haven't received a program acceptance but if I do, good luck)!
  5. I received an email stating I was awarded OGS but it does not guarantee admission into the program. I have not received any word on program admission (since interviewing with my POI) but I have 30 days to respond to the scholarship offer. So I assume admission offers will be sent soon because my decision to accept the scholarship would be based on the premise that I was accepted into the program..
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