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  1. Has anyone heard or saw of a Facebook page for York U MSW 1 year advanced standing group for class of 2019-2020? If not, is this something people would be interested in? Would love to be a part of one !!!
  2. can anyone tell me about practicum experience at YorkU? Thanks
  3. I'm not quite sure between York and Ryerson but Yorks funding is way too hard to turn down. I got some thinking to do but it seems like a no-brainer to me as of now.
  4. My MyFile has just changed to accepted from York. No call or e-mail.... best of luck to my fellow applicants! You got this ❤️
  5. Thank you so much! This is a helpful response -- will definitely call work today and let the forum know if they give me any information.
  6. So we have not heard from York yet and my deadline to accept Ryerson is this Saturday. Do you guys think it might be worthwhile calling York and just asking them about my application status? I'm primarily concerned about funding as that will be a huge deciding factor for me. Does anyone know if they will give me this information? The wait is killer!
  7. I'm just wrapping mine up at Trent University. Hbu?
  8. Hi! I got a call last Wednesday and my deadline for acceptance is the 16th.
  9. Yes -- however also health in community-based settings also appeals to me!!
  10. I applied there as well. My interest is in anti-oppressive health practice.
  11. Supposedly sometime this week! Keep your phone on you as they are apparently calling successful applicants!
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