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  1. that's the spirit, @soapyhope! we will all be hopeful together thanks for adding some additional information; it gives us all some hope!
  2. hi @CJ3, i was on the prior year's thread for the mt program and apparently 'dreamsofbeingateacher' said: "I emailed them about being on the wait list and they said the waitlist isnt numbered. So they dont know the chances but they said in the past, the percentage of people being accepted from the waitlist is extremely low. It is very discouraging." ( https://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/100324-master-of-teaching-oise-2018/?page=22 ). take from that what you will! also, not to worry @imstillwaiting! who knows what order they do things! your acceptance may be on the horizon!
  3. hey @CJ3, I know this is not exactly what you are after, but this was provided by @Jackson8918 last year: https://ro.oise.utoronto.ca/RGS_CandRegPage2.html might help us have a better idea! and sorry, @soapyhope! i am not familiar with the jargon, haha. that is a fun set of teachables! i applied to p/j
  4. @NSNSNSNS did some research (thanks!) and also came across this: https://ro.oise.utoronto.ca/RGS_AppStat1_PreAllPage3.html edit: sorry, i misread the question. looking through other forum posts, i believe i saw around 175 spaces for p/j; 150-ish to j/I; and 150-ish to i/s. i will try to find that post again rather than going by memory.
  5. hey @CJ3! we are in the same boat patience is a virtue, haha. @soapyhope, may i ask what cohort you applied to? (just curious!)
  6. hi friends, i applied to p/j in early january and i was placed on the waitlist today! good luck to those still waiting!
  7. hi friends, i applied to p/j in early january and i was placed on the waitlist today! good luck to those still waiting! for those who were not accepted into the program, i hope you get into the program of your choice in the future!
  8. thank-you for your response @sk8erlim. i'm sorry to hear about the decision made for your application. i hope you are accepted into your program of choice in the future! : )
  9. hey @sk8erlim! i applied early january (and i believe my entire application was complete by late january) and i have yet to hear back. i am not sure if it was in this thread or this one - https://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/115661-master-of-teaching-oise-2019/ ) - where it was explained that if you applied after november 15th, the processing time for these applications can take eight to ten weeks. depending on when you applied, we should hear back this month and into may. hope that helps! fingers crossed for those of us who are still waiting!
  10. congratulations, @bk97! all's well that ends well :) congratulations on your acceptance into the mt program! may i ask when you applied?
  11. @bk97 yes, my application still reads 'under review'. i applied to p/j on january 4th; all documents were submitted by january 15th. hope that helps! : )
  12. hey everyone, congratulations to those who have been accepted thus far to their program! to those who have been admitted, when did you apply? i'm sure it may make little difference; i applied early january to p/j (my dream!) and i am a bit worried! to those of us waiting, take heart!
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