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  1. Hi All, I will be accepting my offer to UofT which will open up spots for Western and Mac! I know there have been a few people on this thread that have asked about how to improve their applications and I would strongly suggest research experience. UofT and Western are research intensive schools so I think that is something they would like to see. I personally believe my research experience is what may have boosted my application as it was related to language and speech!
  2. I will be accepting my offer for UofT which will open up spots for Western and Mac!
  3. From looking at the 2018 SLP thread, it seems like they will be asking situational and personal questions.
  4. Hello! Does anyone have an idea of the type of questions to expect at Mac's MMI interview? I'm trying to figure out how to prepare, super nervous!
  5. Hello! I have applied for 2019 and will be going to Mcmaster MMI interview! Does anyone have any advice on what to expect during the interviews?
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