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  1. I got an offer to U of A off the waitlist but declined since I've already accepted at Western! Good luck to everyone still waiting!!
  2. Hi! I don't think they have posted the cost of tuition for Fall 2020 yet, but the acceptance letter said we have to pay the deposit by June 1st. Hope this helps!
  3. Removed myself from the U of T waitlist. Good luck everyone!
  4. Thank you!! Congrats to you too! So excited!
  5. I got into Western off the waitlist!! Will likely be accepting
  6. Declined my offer to Emerson (in-person program).
  7. Declined my offer from the University of Redlands. Good luck to those still waiting!
  8. I retook prerequisite courses that I had lower grades in, and I worked as an SLPA where I got great experience. Having actual experience in this field will definitely help your application. I know many employers require you to have the SLPA certificate, but some just require an undergraduate degree, so it's worth looking into. Best of luck!!
  9. They've always done it at midnight (Eastern Time) in past years.
  10. Thank you! It was from Vicki, she sent it to my portal and I got a notification to the e-mail address I applied with.
  11. Just got waitlisted at U of A. This is my fourth year applying here. Fingers crossed I get off the waitlist this time!
  12. I was also waitlisted last year and haven't heard anything yet! Really hoping they do send the acceptances in waves
  13. Declined my spot on the waitlist at Rush! Hopefully that helps someone
  14. Hey, I was accepted to Redlands and I'm also looking for more information on apartment locations/costs. I would also need a roommate if I move there!
  15. I got in to Emerson and I'm starting to look at apartment options! If anyone has any information on where Emerson students usually live, that would be great! Also let me know if any of you are looking for a roommate
  16. Hey! Which programs in the UK did you apply to? I applied to one in Scotland and I'm still waiting to hear back.
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