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  1. Hi Tracer_Bullet, Congratulations on your success! Would you kindly share your background? Bachelors uni, GPA, any research experience, GRE, TOEFL/IELTS, internships... Btw, I would definitely try checking UT Austin for possible TA/RAships and also at ETHZ if you can survive a semester on your own budget it is quite likely that from the second semester you can get RA/TAship. My friend got to EPFL CS without sch and he started, after a semester he was assigned RAship so now he can fully fund his studies with that money. Search well and find the best for you! Ask professionals Thank you and Good Luck!
  2. Hi There, Has anybody received acceptance/rejection/feedback/interview from CERN SP 2019? Good Luck!
  3. Really? The reason I got surprized was the project that AC lab is working on is what I have been working on and I have a thorough knowledge in the topic. I detailed my research proposal around developing their current technology...
  4. Who got the Automatic Control lab? I really wanna see how better one could fit the project :D
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