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  1. Did your email say high on the waitlist? Or just waitlisted? I also got an email today saying I was high on the waitlist; however, I did interview.
  2. Has anyone who did interview still not hear back?
  3. Hi all! To those of you who were accepted to university of Redlands, congrats! I noticed in the email they sent out this morning with “fun facts” about the program they state “YOU will be class of 2020”... is this a typo? Would it not be class of 2021?
  4. I just saw a rejection for Chapman... what do you think this means for the people who haven’t heard back since interviews? ?
  5. Unfortuntely, the student was someone I randomly met at an interview and don’t have their contact info. Sorry! Really hoping we hear soon! Have you heard anything from Chapman yet?
  6. Neither have I. Since they are hosting an open house fornaccepted applicants on April 4th, does that mean all acceptances have already gone out?! Hopefully this week we will hear back about waitlist/rejections.
  7. Congrats! I was also accepted! Any news from Chapman yet?
  8. Just saw someone got waitlisted to CSULA! Good luck to all!
  9. Wow, so today should be the day?!? Fingers crossed! I have a 3.7 cumulative GPA and 153/153 GRE
  10. Haven’t heard a thing! There is only one weekday left in March ?
  11. This wait is excruciating! I wonder how many acceptances they sent out...
  12. I spoke with a Student from CSUN and they said there was some sort of delay this year and decisions may not go out until early April. There is no interview for CSUN right?
  13. I also interviewed in February but I haven’t heard anything back yet. I wonder how the waves are determined and when we will find out if waitlisted or rejected. So nervous!
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