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  1. Hey everyone! I just got accepted to the program!! If anyone wants to connect please message me! I have so many questions
  2. yes! I applied yesterday. I just need my transcripts and GRE to get there and for my recommenders to submit their letters. hopefully as soon as everything arrives i'll hear back soon!
  3. What is the summer schedule like? Like when do classes begin/end? I saw online that they only have courses they require for summer and 1 is a clinical practicum
  4. thanks so much! do you mind if i message you? I have a few questions about the program haha
  5. I'm going to apply! I started my application and I'm working to finish my essay. Quick question about rec letters- all my apps had links I could send to my recommenders for them to upload my letters. But on this app they ask that you upload it yourself? Shouldn't this be confidential? I don't have the letters with me since I'm not supposed to see them anyway.
  6. Does anyone know if the cohort is full? I just checked the website and it says that they're accepting apps on a rolling basis up until June 1rst. I've been waitlisted everywhere and I'm not sure if grad school is going to happen for me 😕
  7. Yes. In the email from Elmhurst, it told me that I was "among the group that we are most likely to contact about your interest in filling a place in our program just as soon as a place becomes available."
  8. Hey! I got an email earlier saying that they offered a second round of acceptances today. But unless you have an improvement in your GRE or GPA, you can't send additional materials. Good luck!! Hopefully we hear back soon.
  9. Okay! I will probably do that. My GPA overall is 3.49 and CSD is 3.0. GRE 149V, 146Q and 4 writing
  10. I was considering emailing SXU and stating that I'm still very interested so maybe I can also get more info that way? I also don't want to come off as annoying and hurt my chances though.
  11. Thanks so much for the info! Do you know when they might start reaching out to people on the waitlist?
  12. Hi guys! Has anyone heard from Elmhurst or St. Xavier's waitlist? These are the only two schools that I'm waitlisted and I'm trying to remain hopeful at grad school in the fall..
  13. I'm gonna decline my waitlist spots at GWU and Loyola Maryland. Hope this helps someone on the waitlist!
  14. I’ve also been waitlisted to every program I applied to ☹️ I know most places don’t accept more students until after April 15th but I’m super worried about not getting off until July or August and having to suddenly move. I’ve been in contact with a few of my programs but I’m still worried that it won’t make a difference.
  15. Hey everyone! I was waitlisted a few weeks ago by GWU. In their letter, they stated that they don't rank their waitlist, and instead they re-review their pool of waitlisted applicants. They also mentioned that applicants are welcome to submit additional letters of rec, transcripts, etc.. Has anyone done this? Would it help my chances? I really want to get in! Also, if anyone has gotten off their waitlist please let me know if you did anything like send in stuff or they just contacted you after a couple of weeks. Thanks so much!!
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