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  1. If you don’t mind me asking, did you hear back from them today or a few weeks ago?
  2. Hi! I emailed the program director at St. Xavier last week just to ask if I could provide another letter of recommendation or something that could supplement my continued interest in the program. I still haven’t heard back from her, but I’m guessing this is an extremely busy time for them! I was told by multiple people to reach out but not to ask when we’ll hear or where I’m at on the waitlist. I hope this helps! Hopefully we’ll hear soon
  3. I had a 2.9 overall GPA and CSD GPA. However, I had extenuating circumstances that explained a few of my bad grades during my sophomore year (looking back, I should've taken a leave of absence that semester!) If you have a similar situation, explain in your SoP!!! I believe that has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. I also was able to bring my GPA up to 3.6 for the last 60 hours. I took a year off after undergrad to gain more experience (good for resume and make $$$ for grad school!) and get a feel to see if I actually wanted to continue in the field. I had a low GPA, average GRE scores, but a lot of experience. I've been accepted to one program and waitlisted at the other three. I applied to some obscure and some competitive schools just to see how far my application would go. I really did not think I'd be accepted, but here I am!!! you got this, I believe in you!
  4. Should I hold out hope for this school? I was waitlisted, but I heard they basically waitlist every person who’s not accepted. I was already accepted into one school, and am waiting to hear back from 2 more, but I’m trying to be realistic about this situation! Should I send in a supplementary letter of rec or contact somebody to tour the clinic? The application process was stressful enough, so I’d prefer not to provide any extra application material if it’s not needed or asked for. Any advice would be appreciated!
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