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  1. Yes I was an SLP undergrad! The program is great and you can definitely tell all of the professors are extremely passionate about speech pathology. I am not quite sure how classes work for the graduate program (i.e. if they are all in one building or spread out) but the health and human development building was newly renovated maybe 3ish years ago so if you have classes in there its super nice! Most of my classes were spread across campus - for example I had a few CSD classes in the business building lol - so I can't really tell you much other than you will get a lot of steps in while you are
  2. I am also waiting to hear back from Penn State and I too feel like it is bad news. However, one of the best things an admissions advisor (from a different program) told me is that no news really is just no news. They may have accepted some people and didn't want to reject you or Waitlist you so they are waiting to see if people will decline before they decide. I know that's probably not much help but also just try to think that wherever you go is where you are meant to be! Just try to stay positive - the end is near!!
  3. I went to Penn State as an undergrad and there are soo many things to do! Penn State is a huge sports school so if you enjoy that I would definitely suggest getting season tickets for football - even if you don't, we take tailgating very seriously and it is a blast- but pretty much all of the sports teams are awesome! There are also intramural sports that are pretty relaxed that you can get involved in and most of the fitness centers have been redone/have classes you can take (its included in tuition!). There definitely aren't as many options for going out as you would get in NYC but they have
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